On my way home one evening from work, I saw it. The poster advertising Rebel Wilson playing a part in Guys and Dolls at the Phoenix Theatre. And that was it – I had to go!

guys and dolls rebel wilson

It wasn’t long before I’d found one of my friends, another big Rebel fan, who also wanted to go and so we bought tickets quickly, as not to miss out! We almost got box seats (how amazing would that have been!), but these got snapped up, so we found two great seats in the first row of the Dress Circle, and they were only about £50 each – Not bad for a London theatre trip with a great view!

IMG_20160713_162735IMG_20160713_162851Just before heading in to see the show!

Arriving a tad early, my friend bought a programme so we sat quickly flicking through before the curtains went up. The view was incredible! I felt so close to the stage and my view was perfectly clear – something I sometimes battle with, being a little short.

The set was fab, maybe not as magical as some other musicals I’ve seen, but it didn’t need to be for the story line.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Guys and Dolls:

The story follows Nathan Detroit, a con-man who has many issues to deal with from his engagement to Miss Adelaide which hasn’t yet turned into a marriage to his financial crisis and setting up a new game for his gambling society. Nathan makes a bet with Sky Masterson, a big-deal gambler, for a big sum of money to help fund the location of his latest game, and the musical shows the story unravel.

The first couple of scenes didn’t have Rebel in them, but you could tell from these just how good it was going to be. The acting was awesome, the singing amazing, and the way everything went together, the scene changes, everything, it was all so smooth.

The minute Rebel walked onto the stage, the audience cheered. Rebel played Miss Adelaide, Nathan Detroit’s Fiance, and she was absolutely hilarious! Just the way she held herself, her facial expressions (which yes I could see from my seat!), the way she walked, her accent, it all made me giggle. The lady next to me was laughing so much she was snorting almost every time she cracked up.

Rebel does play quite a big role so she does star in quite a bit of the musical, adding an incredible humorous element to so many scenes – some a little crude, at which I don’t think the people behind me were too impressed, but I laughed along. Her singing was amazing too, I loved Adelaide’s Lament.

guysanddolls3Slightly old pic from a previous version (I can’t take pics during the performance :() – Rebel played the middle person in this scene. Just imagine how much she brought to this scene! guysanddolls2

The interval came around, and I think was awe-struck and a little speechless. I always get a bit jealous of the dancers anyway, but this blew me away. After a short interval, we were back to it, and before long it was all over.

guysanddolls1This scene was INCREDIBLE! ‘Sit down, you’re rocking the boat’ is an awesome song, it stuck in my head for ages!

An absolutely incredible performance, hilarious yet inspiring, I would definitely go again!

Walking back to the station, my friend and I did question what the role would be like without Rebel, would it be as funny? Who would play such a role? We were intrigued to see a performance without her, just to see, even though I’m sure she brings SO much to the story, that it would be completely different!

If you haven’t been yet, you should book in quick! Rebel Wilson is only there until Sunday 21st August. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

What’s your favourite theatre production at the moment?

Chloe xx