Last weekend whilst my sister was visiting we managed to fit in a trip to the theatre to see the musical ‘Wicked’. My sisters verdict = WICKED!


Key tip for visiting the theatre in London: Book early and check the little ticket booths for good deals – Leicester Square are full of them.

Saturday morning I think we actually jumped out of bed with excitement. Me for finally having a whole weekend off and having my sister to visit, and Emma for having a weekend in London. We had a number of ideas for what we wanted to do over the weekend, but top of the list was going to the theatre – something I had promised Emma for her Birthday back in December.

We headed straight for Leicester Square, where I had actually been earlier in the week – On Monday, I tried all the ticket booths for good deals for Wicked on the Saturday, but everything was full price and only the more expensive seats were available at the time. Very kindly they did advise me to go back saturday morning when tickets would be at a good price. Back at 10.45 saturday morning, eager to get tickets before they all sell out, we queued with the other impatient people (Yes I could tell they were impatient as they were all complaining about the time it was taking. I clearly remember one particularly annoying couple behind us, you always get one). Whilst we were queuing we heard a number of shows had sold out already, and started considering other options – Hot Yoga? Shopping and Dinner?

When we got to the booth, we were in luck! Two tickets were available for the matinee performance, £18.50 each. They didn’t have two of the lower priced seats in the evening, but matinee worked better for us anyway. The seats were at the back which at first I thought might not be as good especially as was a birthday present, but once we  got there and got seated, they were actually some of the best seats. If you were looking at the seats/audience, we were far back right, on the furthest row. But our view was clear, and as we were back row we didn’t feel guilty about moving forward or shifting about if needed to. It was great!


(You’re not allowed to take photos of the performance, or I would have just to show how clear the view was, as this photo doesn’t do it as much justice as the seats deserve)

The show was (in my sister’s words) ‘Wicked’ ! The singing was amazing and the way the story is put together is fantastic. You are completely drawn in, and really makes you see a completely different side to the traditional story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

We even came out singing the catchy songs from the show – perhaps we could have looked a little weird when we still had them in our heads, humming along, walking down Oxford Street!

I would tell you my favourite bit, but I don’t want to spoil it or the storyline for anyone who wants to go and see it!

I would very much recommend this to people of all ages! And for the price we got our tickets, it’s a bargain for a great afternoon or evening out.