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I recently attended an event for Optiwell –  a new yogurt drink that’s just launched. It contains no added sugar, and at just 64 calories per glass is the perfect alternative to unhealthy snacking. I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to attend a pamper evening at the CowShed in Shoreditch. A super cool, relaxed salon with friendly staff and a clean yet welcoming atmosphere.

Here’s a short video clip featuring me to explain more:

I actually don’t mind myself in this video – I normally hate hearing my voice! haha

We all gathered to hear about the new yoghurt drink on the block, Optiwell, and the story behind it before hearing a bit about the unhealthy snacking habits many have – after all, resisting temptation is one hard nut to crack. We  then split off to get our treatments, learn about how Optiwell works well in fresh smoothies and also to have a quick chat with Laura Clark, the nutritionist, about our snacking habits.

The smoothies were fab – just throw some fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, etc in with some Optiwell and blitz it up – super easy, healthy and SO tasty. The Optiwell made it that tad bit creamier, although as it isn’t full of sugar or fat so it’s a great addition!

Treatments were incredible. The team at the CowShed were amazing. I went for a pedicure and a massage and came out feeling so good – I seriously needed that back massage! It made me consider just how important things like this are for your wellbeing too – Do you know how many benefits there are from getting back massages? 

I then had a personal 1:1 with Laura Clark who discussed my eating habits with me and the small changes I could make to feel better, including the best pre-exercise snacks and breakfasts – I’m guilty of not eating before my gym sessions and know this isn’t always best! Laura was fab – she gave me a couple recipes to try out, so keep an eye out for those, including a delicious sounding oat bread!

They guys at Optiwell also organised canapes which looked SO good, and we also had a healthy Optiwell cheesecake – healthy and cheesecake shouldn’t go in the same sentence right? But apparently these were! What’s more, they tasted so creamy and naughty. I love a guilt-free snack that feels naughty. 

I took some Optiwell home and have been using it in my own smoothies. If you’re a Nutribullet fan like me you should definitely give this a go, especially if you don’t get enough dairy in your diet. What small changes are you making this year?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to this pamper evening. All views my own.