I’ve been out on event most of this week and have absolutely loved it!

From Monday evening until Thursday evening I was travelling, working and networking all day. I was helping out with a roadshow which we were doing around the country, and visited the last 3 cities with my client. I hardly had 30mins to myself each day, but didn’t mind one bit – this week really has been fantastic.

I met some amazing people who I’ll never forget and enjoyed getting to work with a client I didn’t normally have much contact with.

It also allowed me to show everyone how motivated I am which you can’t always achieve from being in office.

I loved it so much that yesterday, back in the office, I even had withdrawal symptoms. The last three days had been so energetic and bubbly, and sitting down in office is completely different. I was trying to dance sat down in my office chair to add a bit of movement to my morning! Haha can you imagine how silly I probably looked?

I’m definitely going to try keep in contact with them, everyone in the team was so lovely and almost like an event family πŸ™‚ missing it already!

I hope you’ve all had a great week too!

Chloe xx