I feel like I really want some Sun – I know right. How much do I need? We are getting sunnier days, I get that, but if you were stuck in a basement office like mine, you’d understand.

I want to get away..far away…hmmm dreaming of winter sun right now! I know I’ve got my winter city break planned (this post to come!), but it’ll be a chilly one, and I’m really regretting not being able to have a sunny beach holiday this year. I think my body is now craving sun,sea and sand!

This got me thinking of all the things I missed out on this year, the bikinis, kimonos for the beach, getting my tattoo out…Yes I have a lovely blossom one down my side which only comes out on holiday, or a sneaky bit the occasional night out when I dare to bare a little of my middle.

I didn’t even buy a new decent pair of sunglasses this year!! Can you believe it? Then I thought to myself, with this little bit of sun, is it really too late to indulge? So I started browsing, you know, just window shopping. And I found this awesome company…

Sunnies of London


Have you heard of them? They are a luxury brand who create hand-crafted sunglasses with “traditional british style and quality”. They are said to be designed using the latest fashion trends and handmade from the highest quality bamboo. They have double-spring hinges and sturdy frames to ensure that Sunnies keep their shape and they say they inspire confidence too – Now I always rave about anything which helps confidence 🙂

I mean look at them…

Sunnies of London - The Belgrave Collection

The Belgrave CollectionSunnies of London: The Mayfair Collection

The Mayfair Collection 

At first, when I thought about wooden sunglasses frames, I wasn’t too sure. But now…

They’re even unisex and look great on both male and females.

Sunnies of London - Female modelSunnies of London - Male Model

Have I made you tempted too? Selling for £69.00 via their website, their not badly priced either for a hand-made collection! I have to admit, I may just give in…These sunglasses would definitely get the wear, I’d make sure of it 🙂

What do you all think?

Chloe xx