Soo here goes my first blog post…

When I started reading blogs, I used to wonder how everyone had so much time to blog everything. I mean, I used to waitress (Over 50 hours a week! – Yes I was mad. But was great fun!), I used to go to the gym in the morning, and by the time I had finished work all I wanted to do was relax watching some rubbish on the TV, and try to shut my brain off…My brain was already mush at the end of a long day! On my days off, I didn’t want to be inside sat in front of a computer…I wanted to be out making the most of my days off.

Doing work experience in PR, and contacting blogs for specific campaigns/projects made me think once again about getting into blog writing. Some of the blogs out there are great…sooo creative and funny to read.

I love writing…especially when it comes to sharing new discoveries/reviews with the world! I love telling my stories…and knew that I could use my creativity in writing blog posts to share with you lovely people! I thought it would also be a great chance to record things in life so I could also look back in future – Just like a time capsule (Although hopefully with no hidden message like “The Knowing”- you know the one with Nicholas Cage, or anything weird like that!)


If anyone ever asks my opinion on blogs, I will always say they are a fantastic idea – for personal expression, so you can look back on life, and so you can share your awesome experiences and new discoveries with everyone else. They also make such a big impact in life nowadays, with lots of people reading blogs, they can be very influential (My psychology side kicking in – I wonder how much impact they have on social norms..hmmmm).