I know I’ve been a little quiet for the last couple weeks, only a couple posts and not much else. The reason – a new job!

I started just over two weeks ago now, yes I know I had the long Easter weekend but taking everything in and settling into my new company and new role has drained me. Easter weekend I thought I was coming down with whatever everyone else has been suffering from…achey-ness, sniffles, lacking energy…and so thought the best thing for me would be to relax. Do absolutely nothing. Apart from a movie marathon and cooking a roast – you have to have one once in a while and all those veggies are great when you’re feeling under the weather! And it was Easter weekend after all. But no exerting myself.

Now, I’m back to normal and absolutely loving my new job! Yes I don’t dread Monday mornings!

It has been exhausting and was quite nerve wracking to start with but I’m finally getting into the roll of things and enjoying my days. So having recently been through the start of a new job I thought I’d let you in on a few top tips for those first couple weeks, for anyone else starting a new role soon:

Be Confident

Now I’m not saying cocky, huge ego style confident- you know the type. I mean believe in yourself. They hired you as they believed you could do the job. Keep your head up and do your best. They’re not expecting a miracle in your first week, everyone has to start somewhere and begin taking everything in.

Take Notes

Write everything you think might be useful down, even your direct line telephone number (trust me this will be useful to have handy!). If you have questions, ask away and make note of answers. Where things are, the processes in the company, key numbers, etc.

Names, Names, Names – you’re not expected to remember them all

If you’re in a bigger company, don’t worry you’re not expected to remember everyone’s names at first. It will come. Don’t panic, if you’re chatting to someone and have forgotten, just say “I’m really sorry, I’ve met so many people and can’t remember your name”, either that or wait for someone to call them but that could take a while.

I have a nice little desk plan, this could be an option for you too. If not, you could always make your own.

Don’t Freak Out

In my first week I’ll admit it, I had a mini freak out. It’s a bigger company, it’s run very differently, there’s so much going on all at once, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get everything done.


Now breathe. They are expecting you to settle in first before making big things happen. As mentioned before, they hired you for a reason. Believe in yourself. Β The chances are you left your last job to move onwards and upwards so this is what you’re doing. Β With perseverance, belief and enthusiasm you can do this.

Join In The Conversation

Don’t be afraid to join in a conversation during office hours with other work colleagues, or at the pub after work on a Friday night. Make yourself seen. Ask others when they’re going for lunch, start talking to anyone and everyone. The more you get on with others in your work place the more you’ll enjoy it too.

If you get invited out for work drinks in the first couple weeks definitely go! It’s good to get to know your colleagues on a personal level too.

It’s not the deal breaker to have colleagues as friends but it is a nice addition.

Enjoy It

Full time work takes up 5 days of our 7 day week. That’s a hell of a lot of time! You need to be enjoying it, thinking positively and even looking forward to those Monday mornings (ok that’s a little far for some, sorry). But seriously, times too precious. Enjoy as much of it as possible.


And there you go, my top tips for a successful first couple weeks. Don’t take too much extra on as you will be tired, I rested a lot! But do enjoy it, starting a new job is really exciting – all those new people and new projects!

I wish you all the best of luck πŸ™‚

Chloe xx