8.5 hours. 27,000 steps. Five key sights. Four food stops. I have to say, our day trip to Paris was a huge success.

And I had the best travel companions/tour guides/jokers to show me the ways – Erica and Fran. My work gals and friends.

Day trip to ParisDay trip to Paris

I’d actually never been to capital of France before this trip. Never. I know, I know. Like many others I’m sure you won’t be able to believe it either. Being a huge foodie, and transport being so easy these days, it’s a surprise to most.

With this in mind, the girls had taken my list of restaurants, their list of pink and purple buildings, and the sightseeing musts to create an awesome Google map. It was actually Fran who pulled this together (a geek at heart). It showed our route and all the stops nearby. Colour coded dependent on what the stop was. We had a colour for sweet food, one for drinks and one for photo spots. Now this is the organisation I can get on board with.

a day in Paris

The Eurostar was super easy. Booked in advance you can get some great deals. We got our tickets for roughly £80 return. First train out (6.13), second to last back (19.13), it gave us almost a full day. Check in is pretty speedy at that time of day too. One good thing to note is that gates close 30mins before departure, but you do pretty much start boarding then too.

Day trip to Paris

The sights:
We visited five key places. Ones I’d highly recommend seeing for yourself. Purely because the beauty simply can’t be portrayed to the full via a photo.

The architecture, size and stunning nature of all the key sights we visited was truly breathtaking. But even the walks between each played host to stunning views, cute streets and alleys, and beautiful buildings.

Day trip to Paris Day trip to Paris


A Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Building started in 1872, and the architecture remains absolutely beautiful today.

A walk up a steep hill, but truly worth it. The views from the top take your breath away as much as the building itself.

Day trip to Paris Day trip to Paris

The queue to actually enter and climb to the top was incredibly long when we visited. So we didn’t get that privilege. But should you be lucky enough to visit on a quieter day, or when you have more time, it’s only five euros. Next to nothing for that experience.

Montmarte is where Sâcré-cœur is. Not far from the basilica, there’s a market square surrounded with cute french brasseries and restaurants. Just how you’d imagine Paris. There are streets coming off the square too, with food tops and shops. Such a cute area to explore.

Day trip to Paris Day trip to Paris

Moulin Rouge

The birth place of the modern form of cancan dance. Originally a seductive dance, the can-can evolved into a form of entertainment, Cabaret. The original building burnt down in 1915, the new Moulin Rouge still features much of the same decor and offers visitors dance shows.

Rumoured more stunning in the evening, it’s worth a visit at any time of day to say you’ve seen it.

Day trip to Paris


A medieval catholic cathedral with french gothic architecture. A well-known location playing prime spot in the Disney classic, it’s truly magical in real life.

We wandered round the sides looking at the gargoyles, taking in the architecture and view. A true beauty.

Day trip to Paris

The Louvre

The most amazing museum I ever did see. Previously a palace, it’s one HUGE pyramid made of glass. Truly stunning.

We observed from a distance. It was so busy around The Louvre, and we didn’t fancy fighting the crowd for a substandard view. With only 8 hours to see everything, we didn’t have time for a museum tour either. But I was pleased to have been able to visit and see from where we were.

Day trip to Paris

Palais Garnier

Finished in 1875, The Palais Garnier is a national opera house in Paris. Once the setting for the Phantom of the Opera, the Palais Garnier is now mainly used for ballet. It’s also home to the Paris Opera Library-Museum, and you can tour the opera house too!

Its archietcture is stunning. From the outside, another truly beautiful building, with golds and detailed architecture.

Day trip to Paris

And that’s it for the sights. I know what you’re thinking… No eiffel tower? It was the opposite direction to our map and food stops. But that’s just an excuse to go back. There’s way more foodie stops to try anyway. Here’s the ones we tried…

Crepes – Roughly €3.50

A Parisian crepe is a must! I mean France is the home to crepes. There are plenty of crepe stops up in Montmarte. All serving them straight from the hot plate.

Day trip to Paris

At only €3.50 for the one we got they’re pretty cheap and good for on the go. Toppings-wise, go lemon and sugar so you can actually taste the pancake. They’re not overly buttery, or too sweet.

Eclair at L’Eclair de Genie – €5.90 each

We stopped here on route between two sights. The best food stop I’ve ever stumbled across.

The eclairs at L’Eclair de Genie are amazing. Forget cream. These are filled with fruity and buttery fillings. the choux pastry is fresh and sweet, not too thick. The flavours are amazing – they almost dance on the tongue. The Salted Caramel Butter option was great, but the fruity options won me over. The passionfruit was sweet, zingy and delicious!

Day trip to Paris Day trip to Paris Day trip to Paris

Sandwich at Maison Eric Kayser – €6

Because you have to have a cheese baguette in Paris, we all went for a mozzarella and tomato number at Maison Eric Kayser. The fresh olive bread, warmed so the mozzarella melted, was fab. There was plenty of filling, and after such a long walk I was dying for more carbs to refuel for more exploring.

Service was atrocious. Rude. Short changed. So I might try elsewhere next time. We walked past several boulangeries, so they’re not too hard to find.

Gelato at Sorbet D’Armour – €5

Two scoops. In a waffle cone. Because how can you pick just one when there’s so many flavours you want?

Sorbet D’Armour was actually over the road from the spot we originally wanted to try. But I’m glad we decided to try somewhere different to just the spot which is raved about by so many. This should be THAT spot.

Day trip to Paris

The Nutella gelato was like eating from the jar with a spoon, mixed with ice cream. It was amazing. And the vanilla, salted caramel and nuts, was a great option to accompany it. Not overly sickly, but creamy and indulgent.

I’ve already asked the to open a spot in London. We need one.


  • Getting around – easy to walk everywhere. Single on the metro is only €1.90 if you want to get somewhere faster, or don’t want to explore along the way
  • Food – so many highlights on our trip, but so much left to try. I definitely need a trip back!
  • Drinks – I had a glass of red which was great and only €5.50. Other than that, we stuck to plenty of water to keep hydrated as wandering the city
  • The sights – absolutely stunning. You have to see them for yourself to realise how they make you speechless
  • Time in city – being able to pop over for the day is great. But you definitely need longer to fit in as much food as possible, and all the sights. I’d recommend a couple days, more if you want to do the museums.

Day trip to Paris

I’m planning more city breaks. We’re so close to European cities, there’s no excuse not to visit more. Where have you been recently? Which foodie destination should I try next?

Chloe xx