Bristol Zoo was one of our days out when we had our forest holiday this year. My sister had planned one day out, to give us something different to do. They love the zoo, and were dying to take my niece, Isabelle, to one.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo Gardens is run by the Bristol Zoological Society, a conservation and education charity. Their conservation efforts are worldwide, which is really impressive! Bristol Zoo is actually the fifth oldest zoo in the World, first opening it’s doors in the 1800s. It has since helped save over 175 species from extinction.

It’s about half the size of London Zoo, but still has a good variety of animals, all with a large amount of indoor and outdoor space.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

We saw the lions, penguins, reptiles, giant tortoises and capybara (those giant guinea pig style animals), among so much more.

Isabelle was SO intrigued by many. She followed the fish along the front of the aquarium, as well as the lizards. At just under two years old, it was magical to see how engaged she was.

Bristol Zoo Gardens Bristol Zoo Gardens

The gorillas were one of my faves. HUGE. He/she was moving around their house. The movements so human like. It was incredible to see the gorilla up close – they’ve always been so far away at London Zoo, or sleepy.

The giant tortoises were my other fave. Again, SO big in real life. They were moving around slowly. I was absorbed watching their movements. Love them!

Bristol Zoo Gardens

It’s pretty easy to navigate round the zoo. Although we did miss the turn for the penguins due to being engrossed in something else. But the maps help, so definitely pick one of those up.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

There are a number of designated picnic stops too so do take lunch or snacks. We settled in for some lunch to break the day up for the little one. There is also a cafe on site if you don’t fancy carrying a picnic.  As well as this, there are several coffee and ice cream stops along the way round the zoo, so plenty of chance for a quick break from the action.

Although we went for a day out, you can get round the zoo within half a day. Great for little ones, or for leaving enough time to do other things too. With the zoo an hour away from the cabin, it meant we still had a long evening to enjoy back with everyone.

Bristol Zoo GardensMe teach Isabelle how to take photos. Have to learn early these days 😉 Bristol Zoo Gardens


  • Fun?: It was a great day out. It was educational, interesting and easy to get around. Fab seeing Isabelle’s reactions!
  • Price: Adult ticket prices range from £15 to £19, dependent on day and if you book online (it’s cheaper if you do!), and child’s tickets between £9 and £13, which isn’t bad for a day out.
  • Location: Pretty easy to find with the sat nav. Lots of parking!!
  • Recommend?: Yes. If you like the zoo, or have little ones, this is a great day out.

What do you have planned for the summer months?

Chloe xx