For the past year or so I’ve been nagging Alex to go on more trips. More holidays. More adventures.

At one point, when I finally quit my career I even said we should go travelling. Get away from the real world. Learn. Explore. Together. Obviously he couldn’t. Just like I used to be, and am again now, he couldn’t leave a job with nothing to come back to. Fear aside, it wasn’t going to happen.

The thing is, Alex and I put a lot more emphasis on spending or saving for different things. Don’t get me wrong, were both saving for the long-term goals. But for me, I want to see more of the world before we get to that point. I want the experiences. To submerge myself in new cultures. Try traditional cuisines.

It doesn’t mean spending loads (I always look for offers or sales), but spending on going away comes above quite a lot of other stuff for me at the moment. If happily have a few weekends doing nothing to be able to afford a weekend away.

For Alex however, he’d happily spend on a night out with friends, but ยฃ50 For a UK city break before spending money needed thinking about.

For me. It was a no brainer.

So I booked it. Just for me. Alone.

I made the most of the virgin trains sale last weekend and I’m heading to Manchester mid-April for just over 24 hours of sightseeing, exploring, culture and food. Of course, food.

Am I nervous. A little. It’s my first solo trip. But baby steps. I’m hoping this will give me confidence to do more and more. Id love to do these things with Alex but if our priorities right now arent aligned for this and this is the way I’m going to be able to visit all the places on my bucketlist, this is the way it’ll be. So there will hopefully be more to come!

I’ve had a few recommendations over on Twitter for things to see/do but any more, comment below as I’d love to hear them! What are your fave things to see/do in Manchester?

Chloe xx