Dreamcakes and biskies…sounds like names you’d make up for a child right? Something to get them over excited about a treat?

But actually we’re all in for a treat with these amazing creations from Cutter and Squidge, a relatively new, super cute bakery in the heart of Soho, founded by sisters Anna and Emily Liu.

I recently got invited to go to one of their first ever masterclasses, an evening of decorating biskies and dreamcakes and trying out some of their delicious treats. So first let me explain –

A bit about Cutter & Squidge: Cutter and Squidge (2)Annabel and Emily Lui are self-taught bakers and started in their own tiny kitchen. Their aim was to invent new products, recreate time-honoured classics and above all, create cutting-edge taste sensations – In my opinion, they’ve sure conquered that objective!

Everything is made from scratch and where possible using locally sourced ingredients. All flavourings and colourings are natural… the hulk green of Cutter & Squidge’s green tea biskie comes from premium grade matcha green tea and the crazy pink raspberry biskie is 100% pure raspberry. How cool?Cutter and Squidge (6)Upstairs in Cutter & SquidgeCutter & Squidge, SohoAnd the creations:

A biskie is Cutter & Squidge’s own creation and signature bake; a delicious fusion of cake, biscuit and cookie filled with delights such as homemade jams, salted caramels and more.
Cutter and Squidge (7)Some of the biskies on offer in the bakery upstairs

A dreamcake is the best cake I’ve ever had! Layers of moist sponge, filled with layers of velvety butter-cream. Super indulgent and deliciously tasty – it’s something you can’t resist and I don’t think any words selected could ever do this cake justice. I  don’t think the buttercream is anything like I’ve tasted before either.Cutter and Squidge (8)

So, now you know what a biskie and a dreamcake is, you can imagine how much fun we had during an evening masterclass on deocrating!

The master class was taken downstairs at Cutter & Squidge’s permanent  location at 20 Brewer Street. A fab little secret garden complete with a garden well, picnic benches, hanging plants and a cosy corner where there was an afternoon tea set up, mini finger sandwiches, scones and biskies (they’ve just started serving this in their bakery – more on this later). The secret garden has a mystical, fairy like feel, and was created by Callum Lumsden (Warner Bros. California,Tate Modern) – it’s such an awesome spot to escape the hustle and bustle of Soho.

Cutter and Squidge (10)We all found a seat at the picnic bench and Anna took us through the ideas behind Cutter & Squidge before showing us how to create a bunny biskie for Easter, and letting us loose with a piping bag and natural coloured sugar (they use vegetables and all natural colourings!).

They all looked fab and pretty easy to decorate 🙂 I love anything arty so I was in my element.Cutter and Squidge (13)Cutter and Squidge (12)A close-up of my biskie, pre-decorationCutter and Squidge (14)The ears – iced and topped with natural-coloured sugarCutter and Squidge (3)Natural coloured sugar – Yep, all natural!Cutter and Squidge (16)Ears on!Cutter and Squidge (17)My awesome bunny biskie!

Once we’d all perfected our bunny noses and whiskers, we received a plain dreamcake ready for icing. Numerous toppings were delivered to the table from gluten free brownie to crushed pistachio, mini cookies and plain biscuits for icing to chocolate pieces and meringues.

The picnic benches were covered in treats and I hadn’t a clue where to begin. We were also presented with some chocolate drip for the edges of the cakes and some salted caramel sauce. This looked awesome!

Cutter and Squidge (4)Cutter and Squidge (15)Cutter and Squidge (5)The choc drip

Pretty quiet at times with utter concentration, we all set off creating our own indulgent masterpieces – and this they were…

….Just look at mine 😉Cutter & SquidgeCutter and Squidge (9)They made us some cute badges with our blog names on for our cakes too!

We had our photos taken by the garden well and packaged our treats up ready to go home – where my creations were definitely well received, my housemate agreeing that it was the best cake he’d ever tasted. I think my office loved me the day after too 😉Cutter and Squidge (11)As mentioned, Cutter & Squidge also offer afternoon tea now, as well as their huge range of biskies – from Key Lime Pie to Cookies & Cream by way of the now legendary Billionaire (Belgian chocolate, salted caramel and shortbread finished with 24 carat gold) – and amazing dreamcakes. Set foot in the bakery and, trust me, you’ll be in heaven!

The new Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge is made with all natural ingredients, and served in bamboo steamers in 3 layers – one with a selection of mini sandwiches and smoked cheese scones; one with a special Biskie, a slice Dream Cake and a special Cutter & Squidge mousse; and a final layer with an assortment of little sweet treats, including handmade marshmallow, brownie, cake truffle and our very own soft ice cream.

All served with a choice of one of their exclusive loose leaf teas and a glass of signature Oomph-ade, a refreshing non-alcoholic tipple featuring fruit and botanicals and an infusion of jasmine, green or berry tea. It’s only £24.50pp which is pretty reasonable for central London, and it’s available everyday.

I’m definitely going to be going back for one of these! You can book via their website here.

Have you been yet? What was your favourite biskie?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the first ever biskie masterclass at Cutter & Squidge, where I was treated to some delicious treats. All views my own. I’m definitely going back for afternoon tea!