All day I’ve been reading soppy Facebook statuses and tweets, and seeing gifts come through the office for others – eughhhh.

It’s not that I hate valentines day. I just think it’s overrated… A bit of a rip off, and I don’t understand why you’ve got one day a year where you’re told to show how much you mean to each other.

Well today is the third valentines day I’ve been with Alex. I can’t believe it. Our normal valentines day would be just a standard night in, cooking together, but probably get on the wii and have a drink. Wii nights are some of my faves with Alex.

This year we’re doing it a bit different. Tonight is a night in – curry’s cooking as I write. But tomorrow we are having a day doing something new in London. I can’t say too much as I’ve organised it all without Alex knowing..but I will obviously tell all after!

Now, I’m not doing it different because it’s the most valentines days I’ve had with anyone, or because we’re going overboard for today.

Only last month did I start my permanent full time job, with the end of January being my payday. This is the first weekend we’re both free and I want to celebrate my new job and have a fantastic Saturday with Alex (after having a few months on a tight budget and not getting to do lots).

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I will fill you all in soon…

But on the topic I started with… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!