Noodles – one of the many was to my heart. Ramen, pad thai, stirfry, as long as it has noodles it’s a winner. This is one of the many reasons I love going to Wagamama, so when I got invited to try the new breakfast menu I obviously couldn’t turn it down!

I took my sister Emma with me last weekend whilst she was visiting. We journeyed into central London to the Marlborough street branch where they’re trialling the new breakfast offering.

From the outside Emma mentioned how nice it looked and inside was much the same – Great open layout and I loved the fact you could see the chefs making your meals fresh right there. The front of the restaurant didn’t have as many of the sharing tables you’re used to in a Wagamama but I quite liked this.

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

Our waitress was Maddie who was friendly and super helpful. She really did add to the great service! Maddie greeted us on arrival, we chose the window seat so we could look out even though it wasn’t really nice outside and she left us to check out the menu – we’d obviously had a quick browse online before but we wanted to be sure. I’m sure there’s extra additions here too – they even do coconut porridge and toast!

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

Me sat at our window seat

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

When Maddie came back to take the order she asked us if we’d be paying cash/card or by Qkr. I’m not going to lie I hadn’t a clue what she was asking, the thought even went through my head that it was another type of card, how wrong was I? Qkr (pronounced quicker) is an app where your bill is uploaded and you can just pay up on there before leaving, no having to call your waiter or waitress over for the bill or wait for them to return to take payment – a speedy efficient option! I thought itย was pretty cool, but we went with the boring old fashioned way as we already had cash. I think I’ll try app though this next time.

Emma went for the breakfast ramen – a noodles dish in miso soup, with sausage, bacon, a poached egg and mushrooms (although she did order without these – don’t understand people who don’t like mushrooms!). I went for the Okonomiyaki of the vegetarian kind – an omelette with red cabbage, leek and shitake mushrooms, sprinkled with spring onions and coriander and drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise and amai sauce. I know, not noodles – I decided I wanted to try something different as I always have noodles at Wagamama. I did try pronounce it – albeit after Maddie did ๐Ÿ˜› she said not many people do ha.

We also ordered two juices – the tropical and the blueberry spice – being a little too warm for hot drinks.

We were told that the dishes might come out separately due to being cooked fresh, which was ok for us and we understood but it’s normally quite nice to get dishes at the same time.

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu


Emma’s Breakfast Ramen – this came out firstWagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

Emma sat eating her breakfast – trying to use her chopsticks. She actually did really well, was very impressed!

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

My Okonomiyaki – look how good that looks!

Both choices were delicious. The ramen was a good portion size, the miso soup was tasty with the essence of the bacon and sausage, the poached egg was perfect with a runny middle, and the grilled sausage slices were yummy. The Okonomiyaki was again a nice sized portion, it was really light and fluffy and super tasty. The sauce drizzled on top really added to it too.

Although the fresh juice didn’t go down so well with Emma, I really enjoyed them. The blueberry spice was my favourite of the two, with a touch of ginger to give it the kick.

Wagamama - Great Marlborough Street - Breakfast Menu

It came to the end of breakfast service, starting to get a little busier and Emma and I got the bill before paying up, thanking our waitress and going off for some shopping – satisfyingly full and ready for the day ahead.

The breakfast only came to ยฃ16.45 – for two filling breakfasts and two fresh juices I think that’s amazing. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and as mentioned the service is great. It’s also served until 11.30 which I think is great, you don’t always want to have brunch super early and many places stop serving at 10.30. I’d highly recommend going!ย I hope the breakfast menu is here to stay as I’d definitely go again.

Have you been yet?

Chloe xx

*I wasย sent a money off voucherย to try the new breakfast menu, however all opinions are my own and not influenced by this. It was already on my to-do list.ย