Alarm goes off… (This week it’s constantly set for 6.50am, but it depends on where I’m working that week, as currently doing work experience); Then comes the big decision, as I only just reach consciousness…Do I snooze?

Does snoozing really make you feel worse? I always debate with myself in the morning whether I really need to snooze, which probably takes the same amount of time as a snooze, so really I’m just delaying the process of sticking my feet out of the duvet, and dragging the rest of me from my cosy bed! Once I’m up it’s never too bad, and I suddenly have a burst of energy whilst getting ready, even though it’s still dark outside.

bedroom pic

I leave the house and the fresh air hits. Love that feeling first thing in the morning. Taking a deep breath, I attack the hill up to the bus stop, and wait for the bus. This is where I sort my morning journey…the music! Plugging my headphones in, blocking out the world, I  notice how much I’m missing my hiphop sessions (stupid budgeting whilst on work experience!)…My body and head start bobbing and moving to the beat without thinking about it, and I start smiling to myself…to the outside world, I must look like I have something wrong with me! But I don’t really mind, I may never see these people again, London is such a big place. This definitely sets my mood for the day! Even when I get off the bus or tube, my speed picks up, my walk a little bouncier, and I arrive to work in a great mood (shining!) ready to take on the World! – perhaps with a coffee too!

I realised recently just how moody and depressed Londoners look in the morning. Is life really that bad? And will I turn out like that once I’ve been here for a long time? I hope not. I understand that being packed like sardines into a metal carriage, flying to the next stop, and having people jostle past you to get on or off this creation which saves so much time in the morning, obviously isn’t the most amazing way to start the day. But even on the bus, and on the walk from the bus stop/station to work, people just don’t seem happy…It’s almost like walking through some zombie apocalypse.

Zombie_2013229b 5153426_fast_london_555x203(Pics from (Top photo) –; (Bottom Photo) –

This morning I made a conscious note to self. Sat in Costa drinking hot chocolate for my friday treat (with the new toffee nut syrup in it, which is my favourite), deciding to write my new blog post about the mornings in London…


…I am making sure I never change the way I am in the mornings.Perhaps work isn’t great that week, Or I’ll be having a day where I’m shattered. But everyday is a new day, and as long as I start it right to put me in a great mood, I can make anything happen!