A few of you may remember I posted a while back about wanting to drink more water on a daily basis – It just has so many benefits! (Read post here!)- Well I thought I’d give you an update and let you in on a product I recently came across.

To me, water doesn’t taste that great. Some say it doesn’t taste of anything, but I would have always begged to differ – eughhh.

However since setting myself a personal challenge to consume more of the not so fantastic tasting, transparent stuff I must admit I have done pretty well.

I always take a bottle to the gym and if I’m planning on being there for over a certain length of time I also set the challenge to have to refill the bottle. I understand we have to replace water used when working out and really do try hard to ensure I keep hydrated during the gym – With just plain water, yes, see I’m doing well!

Evenings and Weekends are another story. If I’m out and about I will always carry water, but I can’t say I always drink it. The occasional glass will pass my lips if staying in, but I’m always still looking for more flavour in my life – But not the sugar!

I now have a new little handbag sized friend which comes with me, and takes up hardly any space in my kitchen cupboard – I was introduced recently to Enhance.


“Aimed at water ‘wannadrinkers’ enhance is the perfect solution for adults who know they should be drinking more water, but just can’t bring themselves to do it.” – So just the thing for me!

Enhance, water enhancer (no not squash!) adds a natural fruity flavour to water. It’s made from real fruit juice, with no artificial colours or flavours or added sugar – Just what I was after! – And it only has one calorie per serving!

I was sent some samples to try out by the lovely Enhance team.


I’m going to be completely honest and admit when I was first contacted by their team I thought Enhance was only squash – no different, just trying to be ‘out of the box’ when it came to branding. But my mind has been altered.

The Enhance range comes in four flavours, and I’ve tasted all 🙂 – Orange and Passion Fruit, Lemon and Lime, Strawberry and Kiwi, Apple and Blackcurrant.

One short squeeze results in a subtle hint of fruit, but if it’s not quite enough add a tad more. Sometimes a little was ok, but other times I felt I wanted a little extra – which I didn’t feel too guilty about. It does have a nice fruity flavour to it, I compared it to one person as tasting like a slightly weaker high juice yet without the sugar.


My favourite one has to be the Strawberry and Kiwi. Super refreshing and delicious taste! But they do all taste fab.


It’s now a permanent item in my handbag for work, when on a day out and when at home. It is similar to squash, however with the no added sugar or artificial colours or flavours and yet still being made from real fruit juice, I definitely think this tops other squash I would have brought previously!

If you’re a water ‘wannadrinker’ just like me, and think water is boring and just doesn’t float your boat – hehe had to get that in there! – then definitely give it a go. They last a long time too so pretty good value for money!

The enhance range is available at an RRP of £2.49 from ASDA, Ocado and from www.enhancedrinks.co.uk.

Chloe xx