The weekend just gone was my first proper weekend off in a while. Having worked part time alongside work experience and during December, and then keeping my Saturday shifts until the 3rd weekend in January, I was very excited for the weekend as you can imagine!

What made it even more exciting was that my sister, Emma, was coming down to visit. She had only been down once since I’ve moved to London (last April) but this does have something to do with me being unavailable at weekends – it always made it difficult to make plans with people in Monday to Friday jobs (Emma’s a full time nursery nurse). Even though I did go home for the weekend before Christmas, I felt like I hadn’t seen her in ages!

Emma’s ticket booked, me finished work for the weekend, and a number of ideas for what we can do for the weekend…all was left was for Emma to finish work and make her way to London. This seemed to take forever! Almost as slow as when you are actually watching the clock.

I went to meet Emma off her train at Paddington – train delayed…becoming a standard thing. I saw Emma walking down the platform towards me, in her own little world, watching everyone around her. And then I noticed her light packing for the weekend –


2 nights at mine and she packed a mini suitcase! She didn’t even have to bring any female essentials like a hairdryer or hair straighteners. This made me smile!

Heading back to mine and she got excited about the tube – yes Emma loves going on the tube. She doesn’t know why – you’re probably thinking she’s weird, but we haven’t been during rush hour like on the way to work or way home in the week. So she’s only seen the speedy service!

We had a mini Christmas – I still had a few little gifts to receive and got her a couple little one direction gifts to aid her obsession. We won’t go into that, could be here all day! A huge catch up was needed after such a long time apart. I felt like so much had happened – Emma had had a promotion, me starting my new job, Emma planning her holidays… And we always have a great laugh when we have our catch-ups. There’s always something silly one of us has done.

We got an early-ish night to start the weekend. Lots planned- not that we would manage to fit it all in but we wanted plenty of energy to enjoy the weekend. And we sure did! we filled our weekend with seeing ‘Wicked’ in theatre, shopping, dinner in angel (more to come on this) and even more shopping! I even found I was quite a good little personal shopper this weekend (not normally my strong point), but I got Emma to try on these high waisted leggings in Miss Selffridge, something she said she wouldn’t have picked out herself. They were gorgeous! She helped me pick my ipad mini in the apple store in return – Being sisters we know we have to do things fairly.

It was such an amazing weekend and has made me look forward even more to the weekends to come. So many things I want to do this year – Best get planning. (I have my new ipad to help with this too now, so no excuses)