Let’s start by getting the soppy bit out of the way as I know everyone hates to hear it 24/7, so here it is… Im pretty lucky to have met Alex, and have a BF who knows how to seriously cause the wow factor for birthday celebrations. Like really!

Ok so on to the rest…

We love a surprise. I knew absolutely nothing about what Alex had planned, apart from which evening to keep free. I think the anticipation makes birthday celebrations even better.

Arriving at North Greenwich, as I’d been instructed only 40 minutes earlier, I managed to avoid any conversation or chatter about what was on at the O2 that night. Confused at the sight of my housemate and no boyfriend, I soon realised it was going to be a group thing as Alex came into sight, and two of his other friends arrived – yes I know what you’re thinking, it sounds more like a night out for him right?! Well the best is to come.

Walking towards the O2 Centre, I skipped all the posters announcing that I was going to see The Weeknd (YES THE WEEKND!!) until Alex realised they were up and I spotted his reaction – foolish mistake. Listening in to the call he was taking (I’m always a little nosey if it has something to do with what we’re doing), I guessed we were meeting another of his mates due to the way he was talking. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As we walked through the O2 concourse towards the entrance for the boxes (Alex’s friend got us in – seriously amazing!), I was completely oblivious that Kim was walking over towards me. My friend whom Alex had never met, and only heard me talk about constantly for the last year – well we do a lot together, and she totally makes London what it is for me. I was shocked. I could not believe it. Stumbling for words, and so happy, we all headed through security and up to our area.

The Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The Box

I’ve been in the box once before, to see Beyoncé and it was incredible. A bar just outside, or waiter service if you prefer and the option to order snacks, each box has a sofa or lounging area for between acts and about 20 seats facing the stage.

The Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The BoxThe Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The Box

Apart from those sharing the box with you, you get quite a lot of privacy and space, and the trip to the toilet isn’t far at all, and they’re really nice too (not at all like standard concert arena toilets!).

The Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The BoxThe Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The Box

The drinks at the bar were pretty standard London prices at £6 for a pint, or about £5 for a bottle of beer or glass of wine. We popped out to get our own drinks rather than rely on the waiter, also so we could stand in the corridor and try and spot any celebs – Josh has spotted a couple before, and it’s pretty obvious that if they were attending a concert they’d be up there. I mean, I would be up there every time too if I could.

The Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The BoxThe Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The Box

The Weeknd was insane! I was never a mega fan or anything before, and I only really knew half of his songs, but his voice was incredible – the range he can hit, and the tone, it’s just amazing. He sang I feel it coming and I can’t feel my face, and Kim and I danced pretty much the whole way through his performance.

The Weeknd at the O2 Centre, The Box

The set was pretty awesome too. Designed to look like a spaceship, as it was The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ tour, the top of the ‘ship’ moved around to create different sets and the lighting was pretty cool too.

Then three quarters of the way through The Weeknd’s set, Drake came out. DRAKE!! I looked at Alex, who had absolutely no clue this was going to happen but was loving it, and started cheering and screaming. Drake is a big fan of The Weeknd, and with a little speech in between, he performed a couple of his own songs – it was amazing! I’ve seen him once before at Wireless Festival, and he’s always another level.

Danced out, a little tipsy, and rather tired, we joined the crowd heading to the tube after an awesome night out – I still can’t believe Alex managed to plan that as my birthday surprise! I was a little tired the next day, but it was so worth it! One more birthday surprise to come from him and I can’t wait to see what he has planned. I’ll keep you all updated!

Who have you been to see recently?

Chloe xx