Hi Guys, here is the second instalment of city boy and country girl.

This time I will be telling all you lovely people a little story about one of our drives through the countryside – always hilarious with Alex in the car. And I do think this tops my ‘Lobster’ confidence – but you can tell me what you think.

So we were tootling along down a country lane, I think on our way to West Midlands Safari Park, when Alex was looking out the window at the beautiful country side.

Alex: What are those in the field?

Me: What?

Alex: Those black things…Over there (Points to a field)

Me: Ohhh they’re hay bales.

Alex: What? Why are they like that?

Me: Because they’ve harvested the hay and its been turned into bales and been wrapped.

Alex: That must take a long time to wrap those!

Me: Babe… they do have machines that go round the fields! You thought they were hand wrapped?? (giggling to myself!)

Alex: Ohhhh (Looks a little embarrassed), maybe.

Me: (laughing) And why do you think they are placed randomly like that in the field?

Alex: I thought it depended on how many animals they had.

Me: (Still laughing, trying hard to concentrate on my driving) And what about them being wrapped.

Alex: Well they would unwrap them and cut a bit off when needed!


And I can tell you I couldn’t stop laughing! This still makes me giggle so much now!

My Dad when hearing about this sent me a link to show Alex a video of hay bales being wrapped – Ha.

I love the silly little things Alex comes out with – such a city boy!