Over Easter Alex and I travelled back to my parents for a couple lovely days. We had dinner altogether, watched films, walked the dogs and went walking up Bredon Hill.

Now everyone brought up in the country knows how much of a pain horses can be on the road, but you get over it. We’re used to it, don’t think much of it.

Whilst on the way to Bredon Hill, in my sisters car, we had to slow down for some horse riders in the road. Alex sat in the back of the car suddenly pipes up:

Alex: Are we stopping here?

Me: No babe. We have to slow down for the horses to go past.

Alex: Why are they in the road? *Accusingly*…. slowing traffic down.

Me: Because we’re in the country.  *Me laughing* Horseriders ride down country lanes.

Alex: Oh *laughs slightly embarrassed*.


Alex had only see police horses on the road before, so didn’t know people ride on country lanes. But it was so funny he didn’t know and was questioning it as though he was asking should they be doing that?

He’s nice and horserider-educated now. haha