Wireless Festival is one of the best days of my year. I always go with Alex, sometimes others too, but it means a whole day of great music, singing, dancing (well sometimes bobbing), drinking and laughing – what else do you need?

Although this year, the line-up was no where near as good as previous years, it was still an awesome day!

We arrived at about 2.30pm and before long had made our way through security. We stopped to get a couple of drinks on our way to the Pepsi Max stage, and headed in for our first act of the day, Shakka.

The Pepsi Max stage, inside a tent (with peaks, almost like a circus tent), was hot and sweaty as usual, but we got a reasonably good spot. Although the sound wasn’t great, Shakka was really good! I had never really listened to much of his music before Alex introduced me to him the other day, but I really enjoyed it. I’m sure his tracks will be making their way onto my playlists from now on.

After watching Shakka’s entire set, we headed to the bar for a couple of drinks before stumbling across the MixMag stage. Lady Leshurr was on stage, DJing and singing, playing some absolute tunes! Alex said that someone at work had introduced him to Lady Leshurr, but I’d never heard of her before.We cracked out the dance moves, stood drinking and singing along (I say singing as only Alex could join in with any rap bits :P).

Wireless Festival (3)Wireless Festival (2)A quick pic before cracking out the dancing!

Our second main act of the day was Krept & Konan, on the main stage. Getting a good spot, we watched as the crew were getting the stage ready – it was an awesome stage set!Wireless Festival (1)

Krept & Konan were really good too – they entered through the doors of the tube on set, and they were great live! They performed Freak of the Week which was awesome, and Rita Ora even made a cheeky appearance. The only thing which spoilt it for me were the mosh pits – all the younger guys seemed to think it was cool, even though it’s really not the right type of music. Krept & Konan also egged them on, which was not ideal.

Future was next, and we moved slightly to the side of the crowd to avoid the moshing youths – God, I feel old saying that. Future was really good too, Alex was singing along to the tunes he knew, whilst I just boogied it out – I hadn’t listened to much of Future before the day before, but even if you don’t know the tunes, the atmosphere is fab so it’s worth being there.

Wireless Festival (4)

We stayed put for the next act…J.Cole! Although I’m no where near as big of a fan as Alex, I’m sure I can speak for both of us in saying that J.Cole was amazing! He cracked out Apparently and Work Out which are my fave hits, as well as many others. Every song got the crowd going – the atmosphere was incredible.

Wireless Festival (5)Wireless Festival (6)

After J.Cole finished we wandered off for a toilet break, which believe it or not weren’t too gross, and yes they did have tissue too! I know, I was shocked! We met up with one of Alex’s work friends to say hi, which was nice, and found a spot on the grass for 10 minutes to sit down before Chase & Status.

I only like a few Chase & Status songs, and I’m not normally a huge dance/dub step DJ fan, but Chase & Status were pretty good. We stayed around the edge of the crowd, so we had enough space to crack out our moves, and danced our way through the set having great fun.

It was soon the end and we made our way home – a bit of a trek as we decided to walk to Highbury & Islington to skip the queues, but worth it. We grabbed some food, and by the time we got back I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off.

An absolutely amazing day as usual! It definitely remains as one of my faves of the year – an incredible day spent with my man having SO much fun!

I’m off to V Festival in August with one of the girls and now can’t wait for that to come around! I think I’ve caught the Festival Fever!

Which is your favourite festival?

Chloe xx