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About Me

I’m Chloe aka @CloHutch_. A 27-year-old Londoner, used to be Midlander. Brunette and a tiny bit short – but hey I like my height!

PR by day, I couldn’t imagine my evenings and weekends without a blog to write, recipe to create or photographs to take – I’m also a freelance food photographer.

I am determined to make the most of everything, and want to tell the world of all the fantastic discoveries I make along the way!

Madrid, Things to do and see

I love days and evenings out with friends but I do love a good night in just as much – how awesome is a night snuggled up inside in the winter, hot chocolate in hand watching your favourite tv shows? Get my point?

You’ll probably find me…Eating out & finding new restaurants and pop-ups|In the kitchen whipping up something tasty|Out exploring the streets of London| Singing my heart out at a concert| At the Theatre watching in absolute awe|Getting as fit as possible at the gym or the latest fitness class| Exploring a new city/country (my new goal to do more of!)| Exploring the current exhibitions| Lounging in the park sipping a cider or in my front room catching up on my fave tv shows.

I love anything which includes Marmite, peanut butter or avocado – perhaps not all together, that could be weird! – and I  love getting creative in the kitchen, which I’m sure you’ll see from my weekly recipes, it’s just so therapeutic.

I do head back to the Midlands quite often, to see my Sister and niece in Birmingham, and my parents and the rest of my family nearby, so you’re sure to find the odd West Midlands based post on here too.

I hope you enjoy reading!

I love to hear what people think, and always up for a chat. Please do feel free to get in contact –

Chloe xx

New York, Top of the Rock


  1. Liv

    Your blog sounds very interesting Chloe! I am looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  2. Liv

    I think you have an amazing blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! If you would like to accept you can check out the following link: Enjoy your Sunday! ☺

  3. LFFL

    How fun for you to live in London!!

    1. lashesoflifestyle

      I love it. I have had so many more experiences than when living back near home (The Midlands). Always something going on, something to see and do, and everything is so close. The breaks to visit home are nice, but don’t think I could go back for good. Love city living!

      1. LFFL

        I’m a city girl myself. I totally understand.

  4. Mia Takes on the World

    I studied Psychology in University too, and for the exact same reason. Human behaviour is fascinating, indeed! 🙂

    1. lashesoflifestyle

      It really is fascinating, when you think about it everything really derives from the way we act. We’re both only in the positions we are because of past and present behaviour. It’s all pretty exciting. And to think with hard work you can change the way you behave too. I’m forever thinking what if I hadn’t changed previously – makes me pretty grateful for now!

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