This is a little delayed, because you know, life. It does get in the way sometimes, right?! But I love doing my little monthly round-ups, reflecting on the best of the the things I’ve tried in the last month, so I couldn’t just drop it. Every month is a good food month so I have to share the best bits, here they are for June.

M&S Daddy Of All Burgers

This burger was INSANE. It serves four people. Yep, FOUR. It’s massive! It’s a 1kg beef burger (the size of over 8 quarter pounders!) and is filled with creamy cheese sauce and tender pulled BBQ beef, finished off wrapped in streaky bacon rashers. We sandwiched it, with a little lettuce (and avocado for me) inside the Daddy of All Buns – a MASSIVE brioche bun designed especially for this epic burger.

M&S Daddy of all Burgers M&S Daddy of all Burgers

Honestly, it’s the best burger I’ve ever had. It’s rich and so tasty. Because it’s so big, the middle stays super soft. The pulled BBQ beef and creamy cheese filling, of which where is plenty, makes this burger one seriously dreamy feast.

It’s £10 altogether (£8.50 for the burger and £1.50 for the bun) and is so worth it! I’m dying to get this again!

Cauliflower Cheese Gammon Grills

Chris had been saying how he hadn’t cooked enough in the last few weeks. So we got in plenty of food shopping and I’ve been leaving him to it. Guys, he’s seriously delivered on the dinner front.

Chris downloaded the tasty app, and has been trying to do different recipes from there. Or just use the app for inspo and create his own take. He did these Cauliflower cheese topped gammon grills one eve, made with a cheddar cheese sauce and mustard, and my gosh…they were amazing!

Cauliflower cheese gammon grills Cauliflower cheese gammon grills

Definitely something to try yourself! I’m excited to see what he comes up with next! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for regular updates/behind the scenes thoughts.

Ridley Road Market

I’d never been to Ridley Road Market before. It’s a market which has been running since the 1880s and runs the length of Ridley road with stalls selling fresh produce, seasoning, meat, bread, homewares, knickknacks and fashion. Chris’ parents always speak of it when we talk about food shopping, and they couldn’t believe I’d never been. So one Saturday in June when we went to visit some of Chris’ family, Chris’ dad took us along for a little wander.

Ridley Road Market

It was buzzy even though a little later in the day and there was so much great fresh food. We picked up a few bags of veg, and a Jamaican lamb patty which was delicious. It’s all such good value and we’re definitely heading back, a little earlier in the day for sure!

Ridley Road Market

Thorntons Pearls

Pearls are the latest sharing box offering from Thorntons. They’re individually wrapped spherical chocolates with a luxurious soft centre. They say great for sharing, and that we can agree with. I took a box home to share with family over a little catch-up, and everyone enjoyed them.

There are currently two flavours – Chris and I can’t agree on which is best.

Thornton's pearls

The Nutty Crunch, has a decadent praline centre and is made with roasted hazelnuts and crispy wafer pieces. This was my favourite. It’s smooth, melt in the mouth and seriously dreamy. The hazelnut flavour is pretty strong and that I like!

The Salted Caramel Pearls were Chris’ favourite. A smooth milk chocolate sphere, with rich and gooey caramel in the centre, all with a hint of sea salt. I do admit they were really good. Again, they melt-in-the-mouth, with the caramel oozing out to fill the mouth once the shell has melted.

They’re £8 each or you can get them both for £12. We thought they’d make a great gift too!

Little’s Decaf Vanilla Coffee

I love coffee. I think we all know that. However, I try not to drink any coffee after lunch, or say 2pm, as not to disrupt my sleep. Because I am super grouchy when I don’t sleep well for a number of days in a row. I hadn’t really thought about drinking much decaf coffee, because the instant one we have at work seriously put me off – it tastes nothing like normal coffee and is actually quite vile.

But when Little’s got in touch, I was dying to give decaf another go. The vanilla decaf added a slightly sweet touch to the coffee, and was fab. I’ve had a quite few decaf vanilla Little’s coffees in the evening over the past couple weeks (with frothy milk too because I’m loving that frothy coffee life!), and have loved to be able to have the coffee taste yet not worry about the sleep thing.

Little's coffee

They did send me some other coffees too – the Amaretto one is delicious, as is the Gingerbread. Some of the others I found a little bitter, but with a touch of sugar (which I don’t normally add) made a delicious sweeter treat of a coffee.

Little's coffee

And there you have it… my fave new food and drink picks for June. Did you try anything new and delicious last month?

Chloe xx

*This post includes products I was sent/requested to review. All views my own.