I completely respect everyone trying Veganuary. One thing I said to myself last year, was that I wanted to try out more vegan and vegetarian recipes, and eat less meat when out for dinner too. But with a boyfriend who doesn’t class a meal as one if it doesn’t include meat, it’s a tad hard to go completely vegan – especially as we take it in turns to cook, every other week.

Last weekend, I met Fran for a catch-up. We’d planned to go for a late brunch, but the place we wanted to try didn’t have any space, and with it being about 1pm most brunch menus had finished. Passing by an All Bar One we decided it’d make the perfect spot for some food and a good long gossip.
At first, we were the only table in there, but it did soon pick up a bit. We picked a table with comfy seats so we could sit back and relax, and took a look at the menus.
This January, All Bar One has a completely vegan menu to help those who are doing Veganuary. I thought that this was pretty awesome. It’s a set menu with 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £13, but even the mains are reasonably priced at between £7 and £9.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
Ok, so there’s not tonnes of choice, with 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts to choose from, but the options are pretty varied so there should be something for most.
Fran decided she was going for the vegan menu, so I joined her. Fran went for the Crushed Avocado & Tomato Bruschetta, the Kale and Houmous Flatbread and the Raspberry Sorbet, and I opted for the bruschetta too, followed by the Miso Rice Bowl.
My drink wasn’t vegan too as I was craving a coffee and so went for a flat white – sorry guys, I can’t live without a coffee. Fran had a cappuccino and a daiquiri to celebrate getting through the first week of work.
Coffees arrived at our table. They actually looked pretty good for coffees in a pub, and the best bit, they even came with a little shot glass full of smarties!
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
My flat white was creamy and not overly strong (I don’t like my coffee too strong). I did add a little sugar, as usual, to what I thought was a really good coffee. I sat sipping whilst gossiping, and warming up from being out in the cold. Fran’s Cappuccino went down well too, and she was soon sipping her daiquiri as we were catching up on the week.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
The starters came out at the same time as the mains, which was a little disappointing. Especially as it was so quiet, so we were one of the only tables to look after. But it did all look really good.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
I was actually a little surprised how good it did look. I feel like sometimes places like All Bar One don’t get enough recognition for some of their dishes, as people mainly think of them as places that just do great drinks deals.
The bruschetta looked fab. The bread was a tiny bit soft, and there definitely could have been more avocado on the each slice for me as there was only a little spread of it, but it was pretty tasty. I loved the addition of black olives too, which added some extra depth to the flavour.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
The miso rice bowl was really good. Sticky rice, sat in a delicious soy style sauce, topped with plenty of crunchy stir fried vegetables, and drizzled in more sauce, it not only looked fab, it tasted seriously yummy. The sticky rice was a perfect consistency, there was plenty of sauce, and a good serving and a nice mix of vegetables, which all went so well together.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
Fran’s kale and houmous flatbread looked awesome too. Fran said it was delicious. The kale pakora looked crispy, the wrap fresh, and it was served with a side of crisp fries too. Fran did order some sweet potato fries, not knowing the dish already came with fries, but that was a good choice as the sweet potato fries were really good – crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and really tasty.
All Bar One Veganuary Set Menu
We kept the chips for nibbling, but I couldn’t finish all my bruschetta – it’s all just so filling.
Fran’s sorbet was delivered to the table, and although she was really full she started tucking in. Fran seemed to really enjoy her dessert – It did look fresh, juicy and really refreshing but I couldn’t manage anything else.
We sat there for a little longer, letting our food go down before settling up and heading off for a wander round Spitalfields Market.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at our lunch at All Bar One. Great coffees and tasty food! I definitely picked my main meal well – I would have easily picked the miso bowl off the normal menu and probably not even have thought about it being vegan – and it’s made me think more about eating more vegan options when I’m out.
One thing to note, All Bar One don’t really do table service, so we did order everything at the bar pretty much, but that’s fine for a relaxed lunch date.
If anyone is doing veganuary this month, I’d definitely recommend All Bar One if you’re looking for somewhere to eat out! I really want to go back to try the brunch as they appear to have some great options.
Have you been to All Bar One for food before? Where’s your favourite place for vegan options?
Chloe xx