Prints featuring text or quotes have become increasingly popular. There are so many on the market today that there really is something for everyone. A large number of retailers offering home decor items cater for this and if you go to a market, such as Camden, there’s always a store selling signs with similar things!

Me, I love a good saying or quote. Motivational ones are awesome and I have these posted around my room. My favourite at the moment – ‘I can and I will. Watch me!’. I haven’t decided if having these up constantly really helps with the confidence levels but I like to think so.

I have little signs hanging from places too, such as my door handle and my picture frames – cute little sayings.

I was having a browse this week and wanted to share my top finds. Some inspiration for any other text print enthusiasts out there. Enjoy!

Text Prints - Home Decor


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1. Notebook from Forever 21 – £5.10; 2. Throw Pillow from – £16; 3. 17 month agenda from – £13 ; 4. Throw Pillow from £23 (reduced from £39!); 5. Sparkle Wall Decal from – £19 (reduced from £32!)

Chloe xx