Asking a few friends what they’d miss most if they turned veggie, all answered steak! One steak and chicken – well, there is something about chicken, you can’t blame them!

But steak .. the flavoursome, rich, tender, meatiness, which slices easily with a blade, and when it lands in your mouth is almost heavenly – Ok, maybe that’s a little far, but a really good steak provides an incredible taste experience. Some great ones, so tasty, you barely need a sauce or topping!

Marco Pierre White has just launched a brand new steakhouse and grill in Islington, residing at the Double Tree at the Hilton Hotel. I got invited along to the press launch, and of course I couldn’t say no!

I took Kim with me, so we could have a good catch-up too. We arrived at 6.30pm and were welcomed in the lobby, and invited to have a glass of fizz or a gin mixer – both gin fans, we obviously opted for this option.

Marco Pierre White (1)It looks SO summery!Marco Pierre White (2)

Slowly sipping our Sipsmith gin and lemonade, we gathered with the others in the bar area, taking in the atmosphere and interior (which is gorgeous! Think contemporary, sleek, minimal yet welcoming) , catching up, and trying out the canapes…Check these out…

Marco Pierre White (4)Our little cones of calamari. So crispy and tasty!Marco Pierre White (5)These burgers were so juicy and meaty – absolutely delicious!Marco Pierre White (6)Marco Pierre White (3)The bar area looks SO nice!Marco Pierre White (8)

We soon found our way into the restaurant where a jazz band were playing – pretty cool – and Kim and I stood to watch for a little while, before being distracted by the desserts and sweet treats out on the tables in front of the carvery style serving area. Well look at these, perfect picture opp…how could you not be distracted?

Marco Pierre White (12)Now that’s a tray of desserts if you ever did see one!Marco Pierre White (13)Marco Pierre White (16)Marco Pierre White (9)

Kim and I soon queued for sirloin and roast potatoes, with gravy and peppercorn sauce, which was being served from the hot plates, in the serving area in the restaurant. Cheeses, cured meats and grapes were also prepared and available at the side, but we skipped this, leaving space for the desserts we had our eyes on.

Marco Pierre White (11)Marco Pierre White (14)Marco Pierre White (15)Look at that steak!Marco Pierre White (17)

We took a seat in the cosy yet sophisticated restaurant and tucked in.

Marco Pierre White (10)Marco Pierre White (18)

The sirloin was incredible, cooked medium, it was still a tiny bit pink, tender and rich, extremely flavoursome and succulent. The roast potatoes were fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside, they weren’t oily, and they had a delicious crunch. Paired together with a little rich, creamy peppercorn sauce it really was heavenly!

We were soon finished, heading back for dessert. We couldn’t see any dishes or cutlery for the pavlova which was out so, almost swayed by the brownies, we settled for two glasses of eton mess – it’s almost the same anyway!

Marco Pierre White (19)

We took a seat, and dug in – These were delicious! Light yet creamy, the meringue nice and crisp, and the fruit fresh and juicy, I did try to savour every mouthful, but it was just so good that it was gone before long.

We then sat and carried on catching up. Before long, a lovely member of the team offered us another drink and so we went for a glass of wine and stayed a little longer.

We were waved off by the hosts, whom I thanked – This is definitely on my list to go back again! Gorgeous interior, calm and sophisticated atmosphere, delicious drinks, incredible food and fab service… what more could you ask for?

Have you been yet?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the press preview of the launch of the new Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill. All food and drinks were included – However, all views are my own. The sirloin really is that good!