Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, mini golf might be more an activity of choice with it coming up to spring and people finally coming out of hibernation, tv season cramming and movie marathons.

Yes I am getting my hopes up and know it’s super cold but seriously it can’t be winter for too much longer right? 

Mini Golf can be super fun! But also extremely frustrating…

On holiday with Alex in Spain we decided we’d spend an afternoon playing games, including table tennis, ice hockey (I was terrible at this, too scared I’d get hit by the puck :P) and of course…mini golf. I thought I did quite well – scores were pretty close, until one dreaded hole!

The ball…just wouldn’t…go in the hole!!

I was getting more and more frustrated. I even started nervous giggling, half on the verge of frustrated crying…ok maybe i’m over exaggerating. But Alex was loving my reaction he thought it was hilarious. I admit I had a mini strop and do wish he’d caught it on camera. I think I got to 18 swings at getting the golf ball in that one hole!

But recently I went to play with Char, not having told her about my previous episode until we started playing…at which she said I should have warned her haha.

Jungle Rumble Cabot Circus - Mini Golf

Luckily on the course we went to, Jungle Rumble in Cabot Circus, you couldn’t take more than 6 turns on each hole…meaning I’d never be under the pressure I was on holiday to keep going until I putted the ball! 

And guess what..I think there was one hole I managed to get 6 on, but I didn’t get too annoyed and even better there was no stropping involved!

Jungle Rumble Cabot Circus Mini Golf

Almost giving in to frustration – but I held my cool! SO proud!

It was super fun and so I thought I’d let you in on the top tips to success and (hopefully) a frustration free game.

1. Take a look at the hole first. Walk the route and keep an eye out for slopes, hidden routes the ball could take and obstacles so you can size everything up.

2. Take your time. Get in position, picture where you want the ball to go and think about your swing first. Then breathe and take it. You’ll be more accurate and feel less under pressure this way.

3. Don’t worry about people waiting for your hole. Obviously don’t take all day, but there’s a reason there’s a limit to swings per hole, so you won’t take too long anyway. The more you think about other people the more pressure you put on yourself to get the hole over and done with.

4. If your ball misses a couple times, don’t panic. Just imagine you’re still on your second swing – it helps with not getting overly frustrated. The more you concentrate on numbers the more frustrated you’ll get after each swing.

5. Have Fun! I’ve made it sound like it’s really competitive and formal (that might be as I’m pretty competitive), but it’s meant to be a fun day out, you’re meant to have a laugh – and not just at the person getting moody as the ball won’t do what they want! – It’s not about being a pro, it’s about enjoying it!

I hope you have fun!

Chloe xx

p.s. here’s my score sheet from last weekend for you to have a nosy…pretty close…

Jungle Rumble Mini Golf Score Sheet