Last weekend I had what felt like a long awaited reunion with my sister, Em. Realistically I had seen her at the end of January when I last went home but so much is happening we needed a catch-up!

We both met in Birmingham as it’s super easy to get to for both of us and cheap if you book in advance – Tickets from london from £4.90 single with Virgin!

We had decided the morning was going to be spent doing something fun, other than shopping, in the city centre and we settled on the Think Tank. It was actually part of my birthday pressie from Em and I am a bit of a geek…do love science! OK nowhere near as much as the guys on Big Bang Theory, compared to them I’m probs more like Penny. ha. 

We arrived at about 11am and Em bought our tickets outside – we had a voucher from vouchercloud too giving us a little off, always nice to save a bit! Although it was the weekend it wasn’t actually too busy which was nice, I thought we’d be swamped by little children.

We were directed up to the second floor and started our wander around all the weird and wonderful sections of the Think Tank.

Think Tank Birmingham

Em in the reception area. Getting excited to have fun!

Birmingham Think Tank

The first bit we went through was all about animals…some of the skeletons they have on show are amazing. They even have an elephants skull! And I did love the dinosaur skeletons.

It was cute to overhear some of the children linking the skeletons to children’s tv shows! It does show how switched on children are.

We carried on to the part about the human body, which included bits on digestion too. This was super interesting, especially as I’m currently just finishing a foundation nutrition course!

The DNA part was really intriguing too. There were some really weird facts that got you thinking too..

Think Tank Birmingham DNA Stat

This was on one of the arm rests of a long seat which was made to look like DNA.

We then got a little more hands on with some of the games which was funny…

Birmingham Think Tank

Emma trying to beat the moles! She actually did way better than I did!

Birmingham Think Tank

Me doing the puzzle challenge – such a child :P…Birmingham Think Tank - Puzzle

…Completed with 44 seconds to spare 🙂

Birmingham Think Tank

Trying out the heat test – apparently if you have one hot hand and one cold and place both on metal, the metal can feel hot and cold at the same time. Too confusing to the brain.

Em and I then headed through the rest of the science bit. We checked out the forensic van trying to figure out the crime –  This bit was pretty cool. The van did get quite busy though and was pretty small so time this right!

We did wander through the other levels, missing out the transport as we didn’t really fancy this on the day.

Overall it was such a fun and educational experience. I did learn quite a bit and found it really interesting. It gave us so much to think about but also laugh about. Like really, half our DNA is the same as a banana? There’s also plenty of hands on games and things to try out.

It was a great birthday present and morning. Absolutely loved it! I think it probably made it even more amazing that I spent it with Em, she’s hilarious! We did get some photos in the Think Tank booth after as a memoir on the way out – It’s only £4 and gives you 3 sets of four photos (different poses) in a strip, you get to choose the background from a selection too. We had fun doing this!

I would definitely recommend going, it’s great for everyone and really fun. You don’t have to be a geek, but might help if you have a slight geek side 😛

Chloe xx