Gluten Free is a way of life for many and a lifestyle choice for some. Me, I’m extremely interested in nutrition and so when I was invited along to the Genius event at L’Atelier de Chef to learn about Genius’ new generation of bread,  additional products to the range, and to do some cooking, I had to go. Well food is one way to my heart! 

Lucinda, founder of Genius, greeted us all, and gave a short presentation on how genius came about (such a lovely story about wanting to make the best bread for her son who’s coeliac!), how much the market for gluten free has grown in the last couple years and all about the new generation of loaves, and their other new products – pancakes and pizza bases! Yes you heard right…American brekkie this weekend?  Genius Gluten Free Bread  Look how well set out the table was! Genius Gluten Free BreadWe tried some of the new bread in the form of sandwiches which had been prepared for us, presented as lovely afternoon teas down the middle of the table we were all sat around. The bread was amazing, super soft, not crumbly, and really tasty – I was really surprised that I would have been unable to tell the difference between this and normal bread! The face of gluten free foods is really changing!

Even better, the new generation bread also has an enhanced nutritional content – they’re are all low in saturated fat and high in fibre, as well as boasting no artificial preservatives. They’re packed with additional vitamins and minerals, with Omega 3 added to brown and seeded loaves and calcium and iron added to white loaves, and even last longer at home too (due to natural preservatives).

We then all moved into the kitchen, partnered up (I had the lovely Sian from Gluten Free Mrs D as my partner) and were all led by Lucinda through several recipes – gluten free, dairy free bread and butter pudding, gluten free falafel, hummus and tzatsiki.  Genius foods Cooking

Genius Foods Cooking  Our ingredients for the spiced chocolate orange butter sauce in the pan ready to be meltedGenius Foods Cooking  Some melting going on…
Genius Foods CookingGenius Foods Cooking

Ingredients for falafel in the chopper ready for blending…
Genius Foods CookingGenius Foods Cooking Genius Foods Cooking  And in the frying pan they wentGenius Foods Cooking Genius Foods Cooking All together now – falafel and dips ready for digging in

Preparing our own versions in our pairs, we blended, chopped, fried, stirred and juiced our way through an interactive hour, putting our culinary skills to the test – ok, it was pretty easy! I’ll be sharing all the recipes so you can create these beauties too! 

At the end of our fab cooking session, we all made our way back to the table to tuck in to our falafel and dips, accompanied by Genius Gluten Free Pittas – you can actually pocket them, they stay together so well! Our cute little falafel were super tasty and I cant believe how easy to make. Stuffing my pitta to the brim with a bit of everything I was completely satisfied with my creations.
Genius Foods Cooking

My lovely partner in ‘gluten free cooking’ crime … Sian from Gluten Free Mrs D 
Genius Foods CookingGenius Foods Cooking
Gluten free dairy free bread and butter pudding, with dairy free icecream, which was super creamy! 

Everyone was so lovely, the team who were on hand were helpful and super friendly, and I had such a fab evening! I will definitely be recreating the recipes at home!

We all got to come away with a goody bag too…I got some of the new generation bread and some gluten free pancakes to try. Well that’s this weekends breakfast sorted….hmmm fruit or bacon and maple? 

Keep an eye out for the recipes for the falafel and dips, and the bread and butter pudding – you have to try them. The bread and butter pudding would be a great dessert for get togethers this Christmas too. Yes I did just say Christmas…..

Chloe xx


*I was invited along to this event to try the new range and cook some of the Genius recipes. All views my own.

I am not endorsing a completely gluten free diet for those who are not coeliac or have a gluten intolerance.