I love making some sort of gift to go with my Christmas pressies every year. Being a foodie, it’s normally something edible, but knowing that it would be a busy time in the run up to Christmas, I decided this year that I’d make something crafty.

I couldn’t post this before Christmas as the people who were going to receive my little homemade gift read my blog (some of my most loyal readers :P). But I think this gift is a fab idea all year round, for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, etc. so I wanted to share it with you all anyway.
Here’s what I made..
Homemade wine glass charms
Homemade wine glass charms!
I think they’re super cute, and they went down well with family members who received them too.
They’re not too difficult to make (although a little fiddly), and you can personalise them so that they’re right for each person – I made two sets of Christmas themed ones and two sets of all year round ones, using words associated with a glass of wine.
Homemade wine glass charms
Homemade wine glass charms
You do need to be organised though, and order the bits and pieces in advance, as the rings took a while to arrive, but you can get everything at reasonable prices on EBay.
This is what you need for each set:
6 rings for wine glass charms
12 frosted silver beads
24 coloured beads (I used 12 red and 12 green)
Alphabet beads
Gift bags (I bought a pack of 5 from Tiger for about £1/£2)
Homemade wine glass charms
And here’s how to make them:
Make your six words out of the alphabet beads. I’d keep the length of each word to 6 letters or less – this ensures it fits easily on your charm.
Homemade wine glass charms
Add two silver beads, and four beads of the same colour to each word pile, so that you have all the beads for each charm in one place.
Now take the first ring, and using the pliers unfold the hook so you can get the beads on. Pop on a coloured bead, followed by a silver, a coloured, the letters starting with the last letter of the word first (make sure they’re the right way up too), and then finish the end off with another coloured, silver and coloured bead pattern.
Homemade wine glass charms
Take the pliers and re-bend the end so the beads stay on, and the ring can be used as a wine glass charm.
Now repeat with the other rings.
Ta da! That’s it.
I found it really therapeutic, making my words and threading my beads on – oh I do love a bit of art and craft.
You could switch in different colours, words and even add charms (I’ve seen these on eBay too), to make each set completely different!
I popped each set of six in a little drawstring gift bag from Tiger, to make them look like a pretty gift. I thought that it also gave each new owner of my wine glass charms something to store them in so they’re kept together.
Homemade wine glass charms
Did you make any Christmas presents this year?
Chloe xx