The cutest market I’ve ever seen.

For anyone who hasn’t been yet, Maltby Street Market, close to Bermondsey and London Bridge, is a small food market with a range of street food and artisan brands selling ready to eat food and produce, such as Bad Brownie, The Beef Steaks and The Cheese Truck. These are all cushioned alongside bars and quirky restaurants which can be found under the arches of the railway bridge, serving everything from Oysters to Spanish tapas.

Maltby Street Market

Bustling with Londoners and a few tourists, it’s not always as busy as Borough Market, which is lots bigger in comparison, and incidentally it’s not always quite as packed. But it’s still rather busy, especially when it’s sunny outside, as I found out recently.

Making our way through the market, under the flags of the world, Lucy and I were overwhelmed with all the stalls. With a plan of making it to the end before deciding on what to eat, we made it as far as the second stall before stopping for a taste.

Sharing, as to be able to try even more (this is a must!), first up was a mushroom and lentil scotch egg from Fresh Fayre.

Maltby Street Market,Finest Fayre, Scotch Egg

Cut in half, making it perfect for two, and sprinkled in course salt and pepper, it looked delicious, and it sure didn’t disappoint.

Maltby Street Market, Finest Fayre, Scotch Eggs

With the first bite, we decided the outside layer reminded us a little of stuffing, with a slightly herby, savoury flavour, and It had almost the same texture as a regular scotch egg, which surprised me a little having never had a veggie scotch egg before. The egg had a soft, gooey yolk, which I almost got all round my mouth as I tucked in, and savoured each bite.

Maltby Street Market, Finest Fayre, Scotch Egg

The egg waffles from Dhan Waffle, were another shared dish. Available in 4s or 6s, the egg waffles are sweet waffles in the shape of an egg, with a soft gooey centre. Served in egg boxes, and topped with your choice of sauce from options including Nutella, peanut butter, honey and salted caramel, we went for two with PB and two with salted caramel.

Maltby Street Market, Dhan Waffle

The waffle with the peanut butter was a great combo – well let’s face it, when is PB not a good idea – but the salted caramel came very close – the thick, sticky sauce smothering the egg shaped waffle, adding a delicious coating of sweetness and flavour. We both stood there after wishing we’d ordered 4 each, but not wanting to re-join the queue which had grown massively since we first stopped at the stall to order more (obviously a popular choice) – maybe next time!

Bad Brownie had to be another stop. I’d seen lots pictures of its brownies and heard so many rave reviews that I couldn’t miss out on the chance to try one, so we decided we had to get one to takeaway for dessert later.

Maltby Street Market, Bad Brownie,

Going for a salted caramel gluten free one to share, thinking they might be really rich, and I also bought a bacon and maple brownie for Alex. Tucking in after our curry later that evening, we all looked at each other. The decadent salted caramel brownie was delicious, rich, chocolatey and moist, oozing with sticky caramel.

Maltby Street Market, Bad Brownie

The bacon and maple rated almost as good, with little bacon bits on top and a sweet drizzle – I loved the variety of flavours.

Popping back last weekend for a catch-up with another of the girls, as one visit is definitely not enough, we shared the Keens Cheddar, Ogglesfield and Onion Mix toastie from The Cheese Truck.

Maltby Street Market, The Cheese Truck, Cheese Toastie

Maltby Street Market, The Cheese Truck, Cheese Toastie

Oozing with plenty of melted, rich cheese, and grilled until crisp on the outside, every bite was insanely delicious. One shared, was enough for an afternoon snack, but if you’re hungry I’d recommend splitting two different ones so that you can try more flavours!

Maltby Street Market, The Cheese Truck, Cheese Toastie

We also tried one of the freshly made juices from Bumpin’ Rinds – after all you need to think about that balanced diet, haha. Opting for the Sillie Holiday, a combination of pink grapefruit, orange and ginger, said to be the bikini body juice, it was slightly bitter, with a delicious sweet edge and went down a treat.

Maltby Street Market, Bumpin Rinds, Fresh Juice

Both afternoons spent at Maltby Street felt like I was in foodie heaven. I did learn that it’s definitely best to go with someone who has similar tastes so you can share every dish, as there’s so much to try and you’ll want to taste it all. I’m already looking at which weekends I have free for more Maltby Street Market trips.

Where’s your favourite market?

Chloe xx