JMW Turner once said:
Painting is a strange business

When you think about, it really is. Everyone sees and paints things differently. You could place a still life arrangement in the middle of a group of people, and even if everyone painted from the same angle, technique and how they see it will always be different.

JMW Turner’s style of painting really influenced me during my time studying art for A Level. Impressionism, with the use of colour and brush strokes, intrigued me and drew me in. I studied Turner’s work and tried his style on landscape pieces of my own. I loved it! It has stuck with me since. I love how you can adapt the Impressionism style with your own brush technique and colours.

Here is one of my pieces in an impressionist-Chloe style…


This is my favourite piece and currently hangs in our living room. It constantly reminds me how much I need to make more time for art!