This week I have officially been in my role for 3 weeks. That’s 15days – I’m not counting the 2 weeks work experience back in October.

I have already been in on a new business proposal meeting!

Was it scary? Nerve-racking? Highly tense? Loads of pressure? – Ermm a little.

When I started at the beginning of this month, my Director and my colleagues had already been to a meeting with a potential client to discuss pitching for new business. They were obviously briefed, and the research started to prepare for the proposal.

In January, I became part of the team, meaning I took part in the research and helped with putting together the proposal document, coming up with ideas for the news calendar and other PR activities which could be run throughout the year. I wasn’t sure at this stage whether or not I would be in the meeting when the proposal was going to be presented.

The week of the proposal meeting came, we had worked on the proposal so hard, many hours had gone into this presentation and the ideas that we, as a team, had come up with. Last minute changes for perfection, as always, were made and we sent the presentation to the printers to get copies.

In the afternoon on the day before, I was told that I would be in the meeting. I was excited and nervous all in one! You really do get some great experiences being with a smaller agency, not many people in junior positions such as myself would get to experience this until later on in their career.

The presentation then was split between everyone – I also got to present some of the new business proposal. Me! I got a couple slides to present, and thought around them, to try and make it a bit more conversational but I was told it shouldn’t be too lengthy anyway and I wouldn’t be left to sink or swim. My director said she always adds her bit whenever she feels like it so I felt a bit more at ease. (I think I have the best Director – pushes you but doesn’t leave you to drown!)

That night, sleep was a little restless. I got to the office the next morning, morning of the BIG meeting, feeling like part of the success of this presentation lay on my shoulders, and I was feeling very passionate about helping the company grow!

Fuelled up on Special K and a cup of tea, I prepped myself and went into the meeting head high and raring to go!

We were only presenting to two people, and they were lovely – remember you’re only presenting to humans! I made conversation around my bits, and joined in with the discussions – (This experience did make me realise, perhaps this is why we did the dreaded group presentations at university which everyone used to moan about!)

We did really well I thought! And it was a great experience – the first business proposal meeting of my career!

My Director was happy with my input and I learnt that business proposals aren’t too scary, but getting nervous is normal – it only shows you care about your work/career/the company you work for.

What’s more…We won the new client! AND I’m in on another proposal soon. Another chance to shine!