I’m not going to lie, smoothies regularly fall on and off my radar. I do absolutely LOVE a smoothie however. I just don’t get enough frozen fruit in with my shopping. But now I live near an Aldi, that is ALL going to change. My Blackberry & Banana smoothie with a twist is just the beginning.

Blackberry & Banana smoothie recipe with a twist

Let’s face it, smoothies are a great way to get your fruit in. But they’re also fab and refreshing when the sunshine hits – just like over Easter bank holiday, how lovely was that weekend? A good fruit smoothie, is like a fruity milkshake for me. Icy cold. As thick as you want. And there are so many variations and tweaks you can add to make it your own.

Blackberry & Banana smoothie recipe with a twist

This smoothie is just that. It’s like a blackberry and banana milkshake. It’s cold, refreshing and the perfect snack or brekkie if you add oats. But it’s got a twist. I’ve popped some Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond butter in too. It gives it a sweet touch, with the chocolate orange and almond flavour shining through just a touch. It makes it feel more like a treat/dessert – kind of like a chocolate bakewell, crossed with blackberries and cream. It’s heavenly if I do say so myself.

Blackberry & Banana smoothie recipe with a twist Blackberry & Banana smoothie recipe with a twist

Because I loved my new smoothie creation so much, I popped down the recipe so you can give it a whirl too. If you’re making it for someone else, it looks fab with a frozen blackberry popped on top! It’s all about presentation too right?

Do you love smoothies? What do you put in yours?

Chloe xx

Blackberry & banana smoothie with a twist

This icy smoothie has a twist - a little Pip and Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter, which makes it pretty dreamy! A fab afternoon pick-me-up, especially in the warmer weather. 

Servings 1


  • 65 g frozen blackberries plus one extra for decoration
  • Β½ banana
  • 200 ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tsp Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter heaped
  • water to taste


  1. Pop the blackberries, banana and semi-skimmed milk into a blender/jug (if using a stick blender), and blend until smooth.

  2. Add the heaped teaspoon of Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter, and blend once more. At this point, have a taste to ensure it's strong enough for you, and decide if you want it runnier. If so, add water and re-blend. 

  3. Pour into a nice glass, top with a frozen blackberry and serve. Enjoy. 

*I was gifted the Pip & Nut Almond Butter. But recipe was my own decision and all views my own.Β