Porridge is that breakfast I eat whatever the day and weather. Even on a hot day you’ll find me tucking into it (I do let it cool first as not to make myself hot and get sweaty after). A satisfying and filling bowl of oats gets me through most of the morning without getting hungry.

I shake it up when I fancy something a little different to the usual comforting peanut butter and banana combo, switching up the toppings, cooking different fruit into it, and using different milk at times.

Strawberry and Almond Porridge Recipe

This recipe is from one of those times. A morning I wanted my good old porridge but craved new and inventive.

With strawberries to use up, a strawberry and almond porridge was on the menu. Made with almond milk, it’s a source of Vitamin E (antioxidants), and contains calcium & vit. B2, B12, D too, making it a great start to the day.

Strawberry and Almond Porridge Recipe

With chopped strawberries cooked through, it has a tasty natural sweetness, with juicy bursts of hot strawberry every time you hit a piece of berry. Delightfully pink, a few chopped almonds are mixed in too, for some added texture and crunch.

Strawberry and Almond Porridge Recipe

Served with a few more almonds on top and a whole strawberry for presentation, it’s even one for when the guests stay.

The full recipe is below. Hope you enjoy!

What’s your go-to porridge combo?

Chloe xx

Strawberry & Almond Porridge

Pretty in pink - this porridge makes for a comforting breakfast, and look good enough to serve to guests.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1


  • 40 g porridge oats
  • 250-300 ml almond milk dependent on consistency desired
  • 80 g fresh strawberries
  • 30 g flaked almonds


  1. Pour 200 ml of almond milk into a small saucepan, add the oats and heat over a low heat. Stir frequently to avoid sticking. Do not allow the porridge to boil.

  2. Whilst the porridge is starting to cook, chop all but one or two of the strawberries. 

  3. Once the porridge has thickened, add the chopped strawberries and half of the flaked almonds to the pan and cook for a further 4-5 minutes. Continue to stir frequently, adding more almond milk to the pan as it cooks, until the porridge resembles your desired consistency. 

  4. Serve topped with the remaining flaked almonds and whole strawberries to decorate. Enjoy!

Strawberry and Almond Porridge Recipe