afternoon slump

Do you regularly suffer from an afternoon slump? Confused as to why? Perhaps you’re not putting the right things in your body…

No you don’t need another coffee!

Before studying foundation nutrition with Shaw Academy I was confused as to what/how much of things I should be consuming, what I needed to keep going or be healthy and what would give me more energy.

Afternoon slumps happened pretty much daily for me.

But it’s all changed, now I’m bubbly and energetic – ok not if I had a bad nights sleep – but you get what I mean.

Heres some top tips to get you thinking about what you could do to banish your afternoon slumps, after all I’m sure we could all use some extra energy and motivation:

Diet – are you eating enough? Low calorie diets will give your body less energy. Make sure all your nutritional needs are met and that you’re getting sufficient minerals and vitamins. Carbs are also needed by the body, these form glucose which crosses the blood brain barrier to provide you with energy. Without carbs your brain won’t get this energy, therefore try not to cut carbs out of your diet.

Eat breakfast – breakfast kick starts your metabolism. It improves memory, concentration and mods as it stabilises your blood sugars. Breakfast stands for ‘breaking the fast’, if you don’t eat it your body is essentially running on empty – now think about what a car does on empty….nothing!

Eat regularly – eating regularly throughout the day helps to maintain blood sugar levels, giving you that much needed energy to get through the day. Perhaps split your daily allowance between meals and snacks, you can always have health snacks such as a piece of fruit mid morning! Eating regularly has been proven to improve concentration levels. It also helps to control binge eating.

Watch alcohol intake – alcohol drinks your energy. It’s a depressant and slows down your brain, lowers your blood sugar levels (the reason we crave sugary foods after) and affects the number of sleep cycles your body goes through. Try to avoid drinking regularly, although that doesn’t mean save up your units for one night, that’s bad too. Just be mindful and careful.

Avoid too much caffeine – can make you feel like it’s alleviated fatigue but excessive consumption can cause insomnia, restlessness, irritability as well as other things such as a fast heartbeat. You may also feel the effects of a caffeine drop after. Try reduce consumption slowly.

Water – this is a big one. Drinking enough water helps maintain balance of bodily fluids, improves energy levels and energises muscles. Dehydration can be confused with lack of energy and hunger. Water is the best way to hydrate yourself. I found drinking more water really helps maintain my energy levels through the mid-afternoon!

Reduce sugarΒ – eating foods high in sugar will give blood sugar levels a sharp rise followed by a sharp drop, which will make you feel energy less as well as crave more sugary foods making a vicious cycle. Natural sugars like honey are ok but try cut down on super sugary foods, it will help!

And there you have it. Apart from obviously getting a good nights sleep, I hope these tips help you stay chirpier in the office!

Let me know how you get on.

Chloe xx