This weekend was amazing!

I made the most of the longest day that’s for sure. At 5.20 am I graced the world with my presence, almost springing out of bed! Yes I felt strange for being that awake at that time too! But I think as it was light outside it really helped. I quickly got myself sorted and headed for the train to get to paddington and embark on my day home, I packed so much so I would have plenty to do on the way. I didn’t want to miss out on too much productive time being on a train for so long!

When I got to Evesham my parents met me from the station and we popped home. We then took the dogs for a walk in a nearby wood with my brother (an absolutely lovely walk and catch up!), before chilling for the afternoon and sorting my phone out. I hadn’t actually realised I had finished a 2 year contract! I think that’s the longest I’ve had a phone and not been too fussed about changing it – trusty iPhone 🙂

I cooked dinner for us – Homemade skinny beef burgers and new potato chips – and finally got the train back at 20.25. The day went super quick, but it was lovely to pop home for the day and still manage to have time left at the weekend to get other things done! On the train I was nice and productive too so I didn’t feel like I’d lost time.

Then Sunday I woke up in my bed (i love my bed!), a little tired but had a nice lie in. I started getting the washing done, and sorting out storage on my phone, followed by some writing. I was actually shocked when Alex rang me to say he was up and getting ready before midday after a night after getting most of the things at home done we decided we wanted to something a little different.

Having been on my to-do list for a little while, we walked along to the nearby park and rented two barclays bikes – I hadn’t cycled in over a year! It was hilarious. Alex was laughing at me in tight spaces and when we had to go onto a cycle path on the quiet road – I’d be a nightmare on normal roads! But it was a lovely afternoon for a bike ride.


We cycled to Battersea Park and hooked our bikes up (I didn’t realise the charging rates on barclays bikes – you can only take them out at 30min intervals for £2 a day, they charge you more for each extra interval of time on top, each time you take one out. But as we did two journeys under 30 mins it was a nice and cheap afternoon!). We wandered round Battersea park, had a peek at what was going on in the dog show, sat and ate a yummy bubblegum calippo – yes i said bubblegum flavour! – and then started thinking about heading back along the Thames Path home so we could get something for dinner before the supermarket closed as it was sunday – I made homemade curry, nice and spicy!

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend! I got my little bit of relaxing time both saturday afternoon and sunday evening, but not too much that I felt I wasted my weekend. And I had my first ride on a barclays bike – many more to come, I want to cycle through Hyde Park or perhaps around North London soon!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic time over the weekend too!