Lifestyle|| A look back at 2017….and what I hope 2018 will bring…

I loved doing this last year. It reminds me that although the year seems to fly by these days, looking back, they actually do last quite a while. We do manage to fit in some awesome experiences!

This year has been quite a tough one for me, but I’m determined to still look on the positive side. Therefore this post will just include a brief run-down all the fab things we got up to this year, and all the things I hope 2018 will bring.

So here goes…back to January.

January I took the plunge and completely changed up my hair with a chop and a balayage. It might not be big for others, but I never used to spend so much on my hair. So this was a big move for me. It was the best thing I did and I completely love it. So much so, I’ve been back again twice since to have it re-done.

We visited the Sky Garden for the first time, which made a fab date night. I also went for drink with Kim at Mr. Foggs, somewhere I’d been dying to go for a while.

February was filled with food (as always), catch-ups and a lovely few days with my sister and niece – a well needed escape and she asked me to be her bridesmaid!

March was my birthday month, meaning lots of birthday surprises. Alex took me to see The Weeknd, and got Kim to meet us there without me knowing! We went to see Matilda, at the theatre for my birthday too РI was spoilt! Emma, my sister and I, did our first escape room too Рsuch a fun month.

In April, I went to the Bloggers Market, spent some lovely time with the family, started a new job and started doing food photography for my first proper client – exciting times! One busy month!

In May, Kim and I went to Madrid to explore, see the sights and eat the eats! One fab long weekend.

June saw my brother visiting, hot weather and ice creams. It also brought me learning how to cook jollof rice with Alex’s grandma, an evening at Sushi Samba with the girls. I also finally¬† went to my first supperclub, 8 plates.

July was the month for birthdays with Alex’s and one of the best friends all within the space of a couple of weeks. We had birthday nights out, Alex’s birthday dinner at Blacklock, Zip World zip line experience and I worked a couple of cool events with work.

August was basically, food, friends, family time and CAR-NI-VALLLL with Alex’s crew, dancing the day away.

Alex had his Zoo Keeper for the day experience in September, so I spent an afternoon exploring. We had a week’s all inclusive holiday in the south of Spain. Following that, I went wedding dress shopping with my sister and spent an afternoon at Friendsfest.

October was the month I re-decorated my living room, making it way more homey. We went climbing for the first time, I organised my sister’s hen party and spent almost a week with the family back home. I also became an auntie again (my brother’s little girl is super cute!) AND finally quit my career to start over – I finally realised PR wasn’t for me.

I started CBT in November (on the road to thinking healthier). I freelanced for a couple of weeks and found out I got the job I REALLY wanted. There were more catch-ups with friends, all the food and seeing an American in Paris too!

And finally, this month I’ve been living the freelance dream, blogging and doing photography. It’s been all about Christmas food and fun. I’ve been to Ballie Ballerson with Kim, out for lunchtime catch-ups with Dee, Alex and I went back to see my Family for the weekend (AND IT SNOWED!), I did a fab origami workshop, we saw Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, had cocktails at Sanderson for our 6 YEAR anniversary, an amazing brunch with Alex’s gym crew, an awesome meal out with all the couples, and a lovely Christmas at home. Wow – one fab month, I do love December.

Totally ready for the the new year, and new job!

So here’s what I’m hoping for from 2018…

More weekend breaks away (UK & Europe), more fun & activities (definitely more rock climbing), plenty of date nights, obviously tonnes of food (I need to tick more places off my list!), more girls catch-ups and giggles, as much happiness as possible, and to really enjoy my new job!

Ok, so I’ve got lots of hopes for next year, but I think they’re pretty achievable. Best get planning.

Do you like reflecting back on the past year? What do you hope for from 2018?

Chloe xx



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      January 11, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Thank you! All the best to you too x

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