I definitely called this place by the wrong name once or twice in conversation, but Bibimbap has been on my list of places to try for a while now, and last week I finally got to give it a whirl. 

We’d headed through Kingsly Court and Soho on the way back from a drink on the Good Ship Benefit (which was pretty cool, super girly – Read Kim’s review here), and everywhere was SO busy! And when I say SO busy, I mean the wait, baring in mind it was a Tuesday at 8pm, for a table for 2 was 45mins at least. Where do all these people come from?
Bibimbap was next on our list, only not first choice as it was a bit further away to where we were – it wouldn’t normally be a second choice, there’s just so many places to choose from in London!
We rocked up at about half past 8, and although it looked busy inside we were seated within 5minutes – crazy difference in wait time! 
We were given a table downstairs and continued to ponder the menu.
Kim had had bibimbap before, somewhere else, and so she gave me lowdown on what was good. Looking back, I’m super grateful as otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have picked a raw egg to top my dish.
I went for the chilli chicken bibimbap with raw egg, along with an Aloe Vera juice, and Kim opted for the beef bulgogi bowl also with a raw egg, and to drink, a honey lemon tea! Yes it was warm outside and Kim ordered a tea! Haha but it is actually way more refreshing then a cold drink when the weather is hot (google it if you don’t believe me!).
Our drinks weren’t long and our meals not far behind – the service was so quick and efficient!
I had to get a couple speedy snaps before eating, quick enough for the egg not to cook on top. Look how good it looks…
Bibimbap, SohoBibimbap (4)
The stone bowl is really hot, keeping the food warm. You stir in the raw egg, so that it cooks as you mix it through – it’s almost like egg fried vegetables but healthier!
Bibimbap, Soho
Once everything was mixed together, I popped a drizzle of chilli sauce and hoisin on top, and gave it another quick stir before tucking in.
Bibimbap, Soho
Wow. It was incredible. The mixture of textures, from the sticky, soft rice to the crunchy vegetables, made the dish interesting and the flavours all worked together so well. It was extremely tasty, not too rich in flavour so that vegetables still shine through,  the chicken was tender and tasty, and there was an added kick from the chilli sauce. I’m getting hungry just remembering it!
I actually used chopsticks for my whole dish, making me feel like I really deserved it! So much effort but really worth it. Love eating with chopsticks! And although I was getting a little full, it was way too good to leave any!
I finished and sat sipping my Aloe Vera juice which had a mild flavour and was extremely refreshing whilst Kim finished her tea.
The bill only came to around £12 each, including service charge, so really reasonably priced for Soho! We didn’t have to book either which is great, as sometimes you never know what you really fancy until you start getting hungry.
A great little spot for tasty food! I would highly recommend trying it out, I’ll most definitely be returning at some point!
Have you found any good dinner spots recently?
Chloe xx