Tomorrow I’m going to turn 23. It doesn’t seem that long ago since my 22nd birthday – madness!

I thought I’d have a think back over the last year and what I’ve been up to – such a fab year I’ve had, and I’ve come so far!

March 2013 – I was still in Worcester working as a waitress. At the time I was interviewing for roles in recruitment and wanting so much to move to London!

Being 22 brought:

Moving to London – One of the best decisions I’ve ever made (along with career but will come to that). Moved in with two girls a bit older than me, who were lovely, in North London.

Recruitment – I worked as a resourcer for 6months, trust me that was enough! However the team were great, I had an amazing day out at ascot, and earnt enough commission to help pay for a holiday!

PR – Took a leap of faith and left recruitment to pursue my career in PR. Work experience was fantastic, met some great people and realised I really did love PR. Got offered a job for January and snapped it up! Love my job!

First experiences – holiday with Alex, Notting Hill Carnival, Ascot, winter wonderland, street feast (first food festival experience), The Lounge Bayswater, first Christmas spent with Alex, nights out in Shoreditch, and more!

Became a South Londoner – Recently moved to South London into a flat with friends – Love it! Really enjoy coming home and chilling with the housies, going for walks, ikea trips, cheeky drinks, film days – my housemates are amazing!

Friends – London can be a lonely place, which is strange as I know it’s a large place with so many people. I thought it was going to be just like uni – that was a shocker when it wasn’t! To start with I did find it hard, especially as I didn’t enjoy my job, but now I have some amazing friends – people I’ve met through work, my part time job at DPs, people I’ve met through Alex, some I’ve met through dance…and it makes me realise just how much of a great decision moving to London was!

22 brought about some amazing things. This year is going to be just as awesome, I’m going to make sure – bring on being 23!