If someone had told me before that I’d have to cook my own food whilst paying to eat out in London, I would have thought they were joking…but this is seriously cool.

We recently visited Superstar BBQ in Soho, a new Korean BBQ restaurant which can be found just behind Tottenham Court Road station. The square of amazing glass front buildings I call the food square.

Superstar Korean BBQ  The inside of the restaurant is beautiful and the staff friendly and helpful. We had a great seat in a booth against one of the glass outer walls. The restaurant had a fab contemporary atmosphere with some amazing lighting – I loved it! … If only I could have this in my flat…. Superstar Korean BBQ Having never had Korean before, I have to say the menu baffled me – so many dishes I was unsure of. The best way – go for the set menu. We chose set menu 3 for the both of us, meaning we’d get to try plenty of new dishes never thought of before. One of the best things about eating somewhere new! 

The starter dishes came out first – vegetables, a seafood pancake, dumplings and our favourite dish of them all … Yukhoe.

Yukhoe is a raw beef with egg and pear dish, traditional in Korean cooking. When it first got delivered to the table we were unsure of how to even go about starting to taste the dish but the friendly waiter helped show us how it’s eaten, and mixed the 3 ingredients together for us. Upon the first small taste Alex and I looked at each other, completely surprised how incredibly delicious it was.  Superstar Korean BBQ

Superstar Korean BBQ  Superstar Korean BBQ
The seafood pancake – this was really tasty too. The asparagus was a great addition and it was complimented well with the chilli. If only I could make this at home! 
Superstar Korean BBQ Once we’d worked our way through most of the starter dishes the waiter popped along to turn on our BBQ in the middle of the table, and our meats (sirloin, pork belly and rib meat), prawns and vegetables along with the lettuce leaves and miso paste were delivered. The waiter checked we knew how to eat in a true Korean manner before leaving us to indulge.  Superstar Korean BBQ

Superstar Korean BBQ The proper way to eat the meat is to grill to your desired taste, place in the centre of a lettuce leaf, add a touch of miso paste, wrap up and eat in one! We both tried this and it worked quite well, also eating some of the prawns and veggies by themselves.

Even though paying to eat out, we really did enjoy BBQing our own food! The seasoned sirloin was my favourite, tender and super tasty, especially when I cooked it a little more rare.

Next came the miso soup and bibimap – a mixture of veggies and rice to be mixed with chilli sauce. I have to admit we’re not huge fans of miso soup, but the bibimap was pretty yummy!  I love how colourful it is too with all the different veggies!  Truly stuffed we then had the option of a cinnamon drink or ice cream…which isn’t really an option for Alex who loves cinnamon! So as to avoid any dessert envy I opted for the same. Served in cute ceramic cups with lids, it was sweet and really refreshing – a great end to a fantastic meal!

We had such a great Date Night at Superstar BBQ – but it would be the perfect place for friends to catch up  too (no loud music!). The staff are really accommodating so you don’t need to worry about never having eaten Korean before, making it a great way to try a new cuisine.

Have you tried any new cuisines recently?

Chloe xx
*I was asked to go along to Superstar Korean BBQ to review the new restaurant. All views are my own!