On Friday evening one of my best friends from university came down to visit from Bath. We hadn’t seen each other since May and had so much to catch-up on.

I always miss Char, but when we see each other it feels like we were never separated which is AMAZING!


I met her at the station and we headed to mine to chill for the evening, and chat and catch-up all evening. We went to bed late and even woke up pretty early Saturday  –Body Clock or brain telling me there’s too much to still talk about?! 😛 We took saturday pretty easy, I’d been pretty ill in the week so it was nice just to be pretty chilled, but we did pop out for a little shop and lunch in the nearby shopping centre.

With so many options, we settled on Wagamamas (Wandsworth Branch) and were not disappointed. We were sat at one of those 6 seater benches, the new European dining style layout that all Wagamamas have where you share tables with other parties. Tthe friendly staff introduced themselves and made conversation which is always nice. They took our drinks order and Char and I pondered over the options -so many choices, and there’s always those two you can’t decide between.

I finally managed to decide and we ordered. I had Teriyaki Salmon Soba and Char ordered the Ginger Chicken Udon without Chilli. I also ordered a side of Mushroom Onigiri to come with it as we were both wanting mushrooms – no we’re not that strange! Mushrooms are delicious!


Mushroom Onigiri – Side Order


My Teriyaki Salmon Soba


Char’s Ginger Chicken Udon without Chilli – Look at those noodles!

It was all aboslutely delicious!

The Mushroom Onigiri weren’t quite what I expected, I think I was expecting more of a mushroom-y taste, and perhaps larger pieces inside, but it was like a mushroom rice ball. But they tasted nice even still. The dipping sauce was really good, not too spicy for Char either – I can handle the heat. Spice lover me! 

I did have a little food envy – this is normal for all who don’t know me very well! Char’s noodles looked amazing, and she said it tasted so good! Mine was delicious, the salmon tender inside with a slight crust on top from the teriyaki, it was perfect! Very tasty, but as always I need a bit of extra spice so added some of the sauce from the starter – good move! I may have added a little soy too – I do love a bit of soy sauce!

We struggled through to the end, absolutely stuffed full. The staff cleared our table and offered the coffee and dessert menu, but we were so full it couldn’t even cross our minds.

We sat chatting and asked for our bill, not feeling rushed at all. The waiter saw we had our cards out and was relatively prompt in coming to sort payment too.

Overall I had such a lovely saturday and a fab lunch at Wagamamas – Great service, friendly staff and pretty good price too. Highly recommend to anyone not been yet – what are you waiting for? This Wagamamas gets a massive thumbs up. I’ll definitely be returning!


If anyone has any restaurant recommendations I’d love to hear from you. Please do leave me a comment!


Chloe x